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With the idea to make baby love reading, children open the new world in August 24, 2016 morning in the twenty-third Beijing International Book Fair, Rongxin educational and cultural industry development of Limited by Share Ltd (later referred to as Rongxin Education)’s children’s Book Brand fun, held a warm love, constantly surprises Conference – Fun high-end infant children’s book forum. With the continuous upgrading of the national consumption capacity and the second coming of age, parents begin to pay attention to the all-round development of children. How to let young children love reading? How to conduct parent-child reading? Young children’s books are good? These issues have become a concern for parents. Fun Taiwan invited the famous writer of children’s literature, people on both sides of the reading promotion "flower mother-in-law" teacher Fang Suzhen, the famous Italy press publisher ladybird rights manager Ms. Cinzia, preschool education experts, education PhD and Professor Liu Xiaoye, children’s illustrator tahina lady, value and function of the original toy fun book chief designer, deputy general manager Mr. Sun Zhaozhi the interpretation of young children’s books, and the charm of the fun of high-end infant children’s books. More than a dozen well-known children’s books, parenting media participated in the forum. Forum site have a unique style, the venue was disguised as the underwater world. The site also placed nearly 100 kinds of fun in young children’s books, a variety of forms, have fingers poking holes in the book, the book contains the exploration of small skylight, real texture materials can touch the book, a circle of lesbian books, lively and warm, creative. Rongxin education deputy general sun Zhaozhi Rongxin first reviews the development of education, and fun young children’s book product system. Rongxin education was founded in 2006, is a pursuit of children’s reading fun fun publishing company, in 10 years to China children many creative and fun to read children’s books, covering all age class infant reading needs, children’s book retail market share of the first. At the same time to strengthen cooperation and world-renowned brands, while fun fun is also training their original strength. The editors of a large number of early childhood education, combined with the physiological infant child’s development characteristics, construct the fun of young children’s book system, for 0-1 years old baby five sense the development of sensory book, help the baby through the finger sensitive period they book, help children cognition and learning vocal the book. The fun is also very focused on the safety and quality of children’s books, children’s publishing Shujun security through strict quality testing, page design and paper writing fillet material, close to protect children’s safety. In addition, pay more attention to the creation of fun with the child’s perspective, they will not only books and a variety of interesting forms of combination, the book made the children grow up with toys, by young readers and their parents love. A professional team, and focus on the attitude of the children’s books to achieve the ultimate artisan spirit is the foundation and source of fun Children’s book charm. After continuous efforts and efforts, the joy of a variety of children’s books award-winning national awards, the original copyright is exported to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions and South Korea, Singapore, France and other countries. As a fun young children’s book star product "wonderful book" hole, the copyright of this book Italy ladybird press!相关的主题文章: