Let students remember parents’ birthday, it is filial piety darren hayes

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Let students remember parents’ birthday, is as far as filial piety did for many 70 after 80, "primary code", "primary day-to-day behavior" carrying a childhood full of memories. Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education issued by the Ministry of education of the 2015 edition of the "code of primary and secondary school students", developed the "Zhejiang Province primary and secondary school students daily behavior standards (Draft)". Compared to more than and 10 years ago, primary and secondary school students behavior norms, the newly developed "Zhejiang edition" has increased a lot of content, including the "remember parents’ birthday, and in their parents’ birthday, can take the initiative to express gratitude". (according to the surging news network reported yesterday), "Zhejiang edition" draft increase the content, first consider the traditional culture education, is an important aspect of filial piety. For children, simply say "filial piety", may be a hole in space, so how to treat their parents, the draft put forward specific requirements, that is, from the start to remember their parents birthday". Shenyang, a media recently made a survey, the survey results, more than half of the respondents can not remember their parents birthday. I do not know whether similar surveys have been conducted in adults; my own estimates, if there is a similar survey, adult data may be more ugly. Do you know (remember) the parents’ birthday? A code of conduct for primary and secondary school students, I am afraid enough for most adults to shame. If teachers and principals do not remember, do not know the birthday of their parents, they can have much confidence in education students to remember your parents’ birthday? The problem is, let students remember parents’ birthday, is filial piety, can carry forward the traditional filial piety? Confucius said: "the filial piety, from parents, to you, finally conduct." Filial piety to parents, filial piety is reflected in a small place, the Confucian tradition of "filial piety" is a broader concept of morality. But in the specific behavior, Confucius in the "filial piety" in speaking, living without pride, is not disorderly, not fight in the ugly. Emphasis is also a person’s inner self-cultivation, far more important than the behavior on the surface. Filial piety is not routine, and not to say to the parents, the best material conditions of obedience to parents is filial piety; filial piety to parents, not at the expense of non price. All of the above reason, if not with the kids say, the "code" into the contemporary version of the "rules", there will be the traditional culture and the vulgar, "dangerous filial piety" to understand the connotation of narrowing the range. Of course, considering the students ability to understand, "remember your parents’ birthday" may be an easy operation method to guide the students at the same time, starting from here, as the start of a study and practice of the traditional culture of filial piety. But, fundamentally speaking, "remember your parents’ birthday" such provisions, the code, from the makers mind too far. After all is said and done "routine", so obviously appears in the code, the biggest problem, probably most of US adults, including the draft writer in modern times, what kind of specific daily behavior in order to reflect the "filial piety" did not count in the heart. "Go home often" is filial? You forced parents completely indifferent is unfilial? In the face of filial piety, in the face of the times and values of the increasingly blurred face, adults can not from the place, only to make a can not even do their own,?相关的主题文章: