Let fan ye love is not big buffalo, but… melia kreiling

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Let’s not big Fan Ye prefer Buffalo, but… – Sohu click free subscription to fashion magazines "small 16 years old (exposed age) heard the most moving words is Meteor Garden fujido static sister said, women should have a good pair of shoes, can take you to any place you want to go; after many years" from the stars you "All Star holding JC shoes cry once again become the scene of every audience the most profound lens…… Mr. F QQ:828208 WeChat: 444313251 when a woman holding shoes, when back to the true, is "Sex and the City in response to the" classic lines, I love you, but I love me more… "Love you more", Fan Ye do! How many days, how many scenes, with thick leg muscles of the Fan Ye always stepped on a pair of thick bottom fish mouth high-heeled shoes, black, because the fat, thin (small is too straightforward): Yes, is this pair of black donkey hoof, let the Lord "love does not release the foot:" of course, she will occasionally change color adjust color of the overall harmony: the high-heeled waterproof really captured a lot of stars of the heart, with different colors in the fashion circle. For example, another Bing Bing Li Bingbing figure: not resigned to playing second fiddle is obviously more slender and curve, so the color of the greater selectivity. Li Bingbing wore her diamond a fish mouth shoes with Rhinestone dress stunning debut 68 Cannes Film Festival, the film — how much waste in recent years the cause of love linked to the AB, as a young icon, stepping on the donkey hoof, with lace dress, this kind of new large posters recently released: the Kardashian family and the tear open awfully Taylor, mini n refdgvm Crop version of the golden skirt, top collocation this donkey hoof, the scene is very blingbling, a golden Hao gas: even Xiaobian favorite iceberg queen, in the 2016 British-Academy-Film-Awards event boarded the only classic shoes shoe (with small bluntly, Cate Blanchett appearance, the actress suddenly seckill, mainly to see the temperament, temperament): this pair of shoes is surname Who? Can you let Fan Ye and the queen of the young master loyalty so high? Xiao Bian with a kiss to a deep grilled – once there was a music named Giuseppe DJ, he came from the small town of Italy San Pascoli Mauro, a remote town famous for the traditional shoe-making process. After the DJ with his long shoe traditional and personal love of fashion in the early 90s, with the free designer to start cooperation, and some hand shoemaker soon, his talent and energy to be released in the top fashion house work. Zanotti Giuseppe decides her相关的主题文章: