Less than $100 new Apple online store offers refurbished iPhone y580

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The new $100 cheaper than the apple online store for the refurbished iPhone official website of the refurbished iPhone Sina mobile phone news November 9th morning news, Apple Corp recently updated its official website of the United States, adding "refurbished iPhone" category, this is the first official sale iPhone official refurbished apple products. Mention renovation, a lot of domestic users in the impression that the cottage is the product of the workshop. In fact, many electronics manufacturers have their own channels to sell official refurbished products (referred to as official turn). They will be sold through the manufacturer’s standard after testing, some will be replaced with a new shell, and enjoy the same warranty and new products. Previously, Apple’s official website of China or the United States has been refurbished products for sale, such as iPad, MacBook and other categories, but iPhone is the first time, after which users can only buy these products through third channels. Currently, its official website to provide iPhone 6S 6S Plus two models official turn, the sale are non locking models, warranty for one year, put on a new battery and a new shell, no scar appearance. Price from $449 (excluding tax or about 3045 yuan), cheaper than the new $100-120. For the limited budget of the user, in fact, this is also a way to save money, at least, a little more than the rest of the two channels of mobile phone. Domestic mobile phone manufacturers, such as Meizu, many years ago, there are RE refurbished products. Some are more taboo "renovation" this matter, used or destroyed, or as a test product, dismantling parts etc.. The profits of the refurbished products are not as high as they are, their role is to reduce the number of spare parts inventory, or to show the external environmental attitudes of manufacturers. (Xiao Guang)相关的主题文章: