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Learn to start from the doll! Sohu science and technology today to explore small to give you a concept that is the highest cost of the work. Some work with a high salary, such as investment bank traders, but to take life to change, work 18 hours a day is normal, night has become law; some work very busy, such as a small city or state office of civil servants, drink tea and read the day’s task is complete, but it’s possible that even the basic monthly salary costs are not maintained. So this type of work — paid more than the average working time of many, not very tired, and can learn about cutting-edge information, in addition to welfare insurance is not perfect — Goods are available in all varieties. sounds? A programmer is a representative of this type of work! (here is that exploring the common industry, we are looking for a debate with me ok?) Why do you want to brag about the work of a programmer? In addition to this is a recognized fact, but also because of the small today to introduce this product is to teach you to program the ~ but this is definitely not advertising! It’s just a small piece of robotic products that people find interesting. First of all, this is a very adorable child partner, called Plobot. It consists of a Losangeles company, is intended to help with children over the age of four to learn programming knowledge from games and stories. Why teach such a small doll to learn programming? Small detective more than and 20 years old self programming feel very difficult! The reason is that the United States is generally believed that: programming is like today will be able to write as a necessary technology; second, the ability of children to learn is the strongest, whether it is language or math or programming. So how to teach Plobot programming? First of all, the robot can jump to jump, can say that you can laugh, so successful camouflage as a toy, and close to the children! Then it’s the core part of a bunch of "command cards (command cards)". Each command card represents a set of code; on the back of the Plobot insert or brush these commands, or put them together, you can create a Plobot can run the program! The basic card can be made to control the robot program, including dance, repeat talk, restart, etc.; and the expansion of the card package allows children to play a creative, make a variety of command combinations, explore the potential of Plobot. Through these creative games, children will gradually develop the basic concepts of programming, such as algorithms, loops, conditional statements. Such a sell Meng robot, can solve a difficult question: how to let the child to the abstract code excited and interested? It is entertaining, let the kids play and active learning. Think of when have a pair of small blocks are highly prized, now the children are really "programming from children"! No wonder more and more talent. Plobot is currently in the Kickstarter website to raise the public, interested students can go to search to see oh! More articles to the WeChat public number: Silicon Valley spy for exploration相关的主题文章: