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Religion For some people it is just Arabic language, for others it the divine light. Yes, Quran is the way of spending our lives but to understand the core and essence of Quran one must open up the eyes of heart. What are the eyes of heart? It is a very interesting discussion, before explaining it we must need to understand a concept. All of us see from our head eyes, but its not only the eyes that make us see, eyes can only make us see if we see in light. If there is no light no matter how good your eye sight is you just cant see. Similarly for heart there is a divine light (Noor), if there is no divine light the heart cant see as well. Following the guidance of Quran makes our heart with full of Noor, we can only understand the Quran if our belief is right. The dangerous thing is that if we dont follow the essence of Quran and sill read it, sometimes it can back fire. Yes thats harsh to say but it is a bitter reality that sometimes reciting Quran is a way of Lanat (the anger of Allah Taala). the following ayats (verses) show that how sometimes reciting Quran becomes the reason of Allahs anger. Allah Taala states Beware, the curse of Allah is on the wrong-doers" and he exposes himself to this warning because of his wrong doings. if someone is a wrong doer , doesnt make him correct and still recites the above mentioned verse, he actually himself asking for trouble. One another place Allah Taala says The curse of Allah is upon the liars, if someone is a liar and recites this ayat without repentance then he is asking for the curse. The above mentioned verses were not to discourage people, but we seriously need to give ourselves a thought process. We need to learn Quran and then understand the essence of it. there is no doubt that Allah Taala is very merciful, He gives so much to Quran followers but the real follower is the one who actually follows the core and guidance of Quran. If we follow the guidance of Quran, it will surely save us from hell fire; there is a lovely Hadith that portrays how Quran is going to save us in judgment: Narrates that Rasulullah (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) said, On the Day of Judgement, three things will be under the shade of the Arsh (Allah’s Throne). One, the Holy Qur’an which will argue with men-the Qur’an has both an exterior and an interior. The second will be amaanat (trust). The third will be kinship, which shall proclaim, ‘0. Allah! Have mercy on the person who upheld me. And deprive him of your merry whosoever severed me.’ " Quran shows us how can we become successful but for that matter we really need to submit ourselves to Islamic beliefs and commandments. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: