Lamps mounted on the stolen taxi meter line for vest on the road in Beijing xhero

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Lamps mounted on the stolen taxi meter line for vest on the road – Beijing on the acquisition to the offline taxi refit, lamps, then install the stolen meter and GPS device, a black cab was born. Xi’an City Public Security Bureau Bus recently destroyed a large theft, modification, cloning taxi gangs and arrested 13 people involved. The gang of criminals, theft, production, sales, a clear division of labor, some of the members had been operating black taxi was dealt with, but do not repent. The taxi equipment stolen frequently pull black taxi gangs since June this year, the city taxi equipment frequently stolen, many taxis are night parked on the roadside, the car equipment take wings to itself. Only the city taxi management office registered missing meter, dome light, GPS and other equipment on the case there are hundreds, at the same time, there are people who have a large number of black taxi illegal operations, disrupting the market order of the taxi industry. Message feedback to the Municipal Public Security Bureau bus, Interpol brigade survey, the police Mopai waiting, found the surname Wang and other 4 at the age of 32, often at one or two regular taxi parked in the theft of equipment side of the road. In August 2015, Wang Moumou had been punished for plunder, Department of fugitives. They stole the equipment sold to Wang, the money was used for 4 people to play mahjong hall and extravagance, theft of a taxi has become their main economic source equipment. Police in recent years through the fight against illegal handling of the case to sort out, Wang in-depth investigation, found in July 2012 Wang was also due to the operation of a black taxi was treated. Fraud Gang clear division police arrested 13 people dig bus Bureau set up a task force, the rapid expansion of the investigation on the case. In the course of the investigation, the police quickly found one of the suspects wish a. A wish is the person in charge of Beijiao Wei twenty-six street a garage, nicknamed "yellow", two years ago because of illegal black taxi was the bus branch of criminal detention for 1 months, after the return to prostitution, to continue to do vehicle maintenance under the guise of painting black taxi business. Confidential after 3 months of investigation, the police decided to close the net. October 13th at 11 am, the task force began operations, as of noon on October 24th, Wang and other members have been arrested in 10. In the meantime, when a suspect was arrested, is to give a good spray paint has not yet listed black taxi installed meter and GPS devices. After Wang et al interrogation, the police continue to root out, have been arrested with modified paint and Lee left a black taxi, as well as provide modified black taxi equipment liu. Seized black taxi 4, meter 12, false rental license plate 14, dome light of the 14, and a set of printed door emblem equipment. Police found that this is a theft, production, sales integration, many members, a clear division of criminal gangs. At present, the case is still under further digging. Steal a complete set of equipment, only the fastest ten minutes in the afternoon of November 1st, the bus station details of the relevant details of the case. The Bureau of Interpol brigade Deputy captain Liu Guoxi, the Qi相关的主题文章: