Lamborghini two new cars will be unveiled on the eve of the Guangzhou Auto Show – Sohu

Lamborghini two car will debut at the Guangzhou auto show on the eve of the Sohu [Sohu] car new car before Lamborghini officially announced HuracanLP and Centenario’s 580-2 convertible version will be at the Guangzhou auto show on the eve of the Lamborghini night early debut, completed the first show in asia. Lamborghini Centenario Lamborghini Centenario at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show debut, from the design point of view a strong visual impact, with Lamborghini’s most advanced aerodynamic design, through a variety of air flow optimization suite, looks very aggressive. Lamborghini Centenario rear diffuser enough exaggeration, definitely people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. Tire factory equipped with Pirelli P ZERO series, the front wheels 20 inches, 21 inches of rear wheel, and uses the first six after the four piston brake calipers, and forging aluminum wheels, everything is designed for performance reasons. Lamborghini Centenario equipped with V12 engine, the maximum power of 770 horsepower, the car a lot of carbon fiber materials, net weight of 1520 kg. Given the official 0-100 km acceleration time of only 2.8 seconds, a rapid rate of 350 km / h, while 100-0 km braking distance of only 30 meters, the performance is quite strong. The Losangeles Auto Show – HuracanLP 580-2 drive synchronous starting convertible version of another blockbuster new car and is being held, HuracanLP 580-2 drive version before only a hardtop structure in the Lamborghini night convertible version officially unveiled. With the same power hardtop version, equipped with V10 engine, maximum power of 581 horsepower, rear wheel drive, speed 321 kilometers per hour, and the weight ratio of 40:60, H 0-96 km acceleration time of 3.6 seconds, the price may be slightly higher than the hardtop version.相关的主题文章: