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South Lake, for your soul to find a place to travel in the Sohu – 1921 Club Hotel, overlooking a lake clear water, wash the world fenza. Some people travel, go to places of interest, take a few photos, stay as a souvenir to prove that they have been. Some people love to watch a landscape of lakes and mountains, green leaves and red flowers, feel the seasons. Some people travel for food, to find delicious food that has not been tasted. Some people are looking for a different way of life, put aside the already accustomed to experience other fuel, fuel. The purpose of the trip is different, or both. And I think the best way to travel is not to have a particular destination. There is a place that can make you quiet rest, enough to let you smell the flowers, and their talk, to find the true inner self. 1921 Club Hotel Panorama in Jiaxing this historic town corner, the North Lake, there is a place, 1921 club hotel. The style of the Jiangnan area in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, gray tiles and white walls, scattered in the side of a pool of clear water, trees, bridges. Among them, such as exposure to a private garden in the south. The main building of the hotel adjacent to the View Hotel Front Gate Lake Nanhu, surrounding the lake there are many places of historic interest and scenic beauty, amidst the lake floor, tower and temple Wu Hao shares phase and other attractions, is worth a visit. I think this is still able to meet the expectations of a certain class of people. The lake overlooking the misty rain floor around the hotel is Wu Temple and Hao shares De La Tour Hotel is located in the edge of the city, commercial street from downtown is less than 2 kilometers away. Here, you can choose to sit alone in the quiet lake on the balcony overlooking the lake, bathed in sunshine, a book, a cup of tea, is a leisure afternoon. You can also go downtown bustling commercial street, to feel the modern charm of this historic town. Adjacent to the lake, a wild profusion of vegetation plants, purify the polluted air, resist the pollution of the city. In the early morning sunrise, or sunset at dusk, run a lap around the lake trail, must be a good choice. Nanhu The Sunrise Hotel surrounding the green coverage of this remarkable jog around the lake, but also a way of life on the bridge next to the Shishi, was covered with green leaves, do not have a charm here, a Chinese restaurant, western restaurant, can also barbecue in the lake. Only a short while ago, imagine such a scene, such as autumn water, in the Moon Lake, about 35 mu of friends, the cool breeze, drink, chat. The fire was roasting food, and we were drinking and eating meat. Only intimate friends, both sides are no obstacle to the eyes. Put aside the noise of the earth, to feel the true things in this lifetime. The hotel restaurant chefs in preparation for the outdoor barbecue dinner while across the film, or let people drool with envy the rooms of the hotel are antique style, and the integration of modern elements in ancient. And in the corner of the room, every detail, have revealed that the designer’s intentions. rice相关的主题文章: