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"King of comedy" crossover "crying scene Queen" Lan Qin tribute Qiong Yao classic — entertainment channel, September 3 Beijing Xinhua (Tang Ping) Chinese first file original comedy show "Star Cross competitive cross-border comedy king" will be held this Saturday night comedy Premiere 20:30. Xiao Shenyang in the following "cross-border singer" won the second runner up, to become "king of comedy" cross-border cross-border stage "comedy convener", not only called Huang Xiaolei and Gao Xiaopan, Kennan, Li Jing, white poplar as "comedy agent, also invited Fei Yuqing, Sun Nan, Li Yugang, Deng Ya Ping, Zhou Jie, Lan Qin, Le Jia 25" crossover star "to challenge in cross-border comedy debut. Fei Yuqing returned after 44 years of competitive program began with the white Kennan leading stage, yiyanbuge is called "little brother" Fei Yuqing "jukebox live machine" — alive. Fei Yuqing then began the wild strokes, from 70s to 80s Lyric singer Steven Liu rock Godfather Luo Dayou, then change the voice, to the 80s classic female singer Cai Qin in the music once all-powerful several classic old singer classical works are perfectly. At the end of the program, he is still the standard "45 degrees look up at the sky" standing the soulful singing a song "the road home", instantly put into a warm and elegant atmosphere of switching field wind, even the white Kai Nandu sigh: "I really like to see the way home." The crying play comedy queen Lan Qin praised the "Qiong Yao inversion is a drop of tears, a star" the successful Lan Qin comic reversal in the program. Because of the need to rewrite "Meihua Luo", so in the beginning in accordance with the classic Qiong Yao drama scene setting, set the time in the period of the Republic of China, the background music collocation of sad gentle "plum blossom". In order to achieve the comic effect, wood Lan Qin and Yang is also in the game scene with the universe, the most unique body art cells play the most incisive, exquisite beyond compare. In the program, a chatty Lan Qin’s humor northeast to the period of the works of many points. Even repeatedly broke the shop bed, covered well, call your mother to shoot you sleep!" A series of hilarious endless verse. It is worth mentioning that the whole essay laugh with tears, can not deviate from the main line of Qiong Yao drama, comedy and innovation.   (: Li Yan, Chen Yuan; commissioning editor Zhou Jie Sun Nan) comic play vividly has on a number of variety shows served as mentor Le Jia in this field show, also used the color character speech self advantage, fully demonstrated the Le Jia style elements: muscle, hair style, character color, in addition to the use of play the sitcom shows different characteristics of red, blue, yellow, green, these people, even just began to have no confidence to Le Jia a "comedy agent" Huang Xiaolei, after watching Le Jia’s performance after the praise, more bluntly: "as if suddenly fell in love with Le Jia". The Zhou Jie cross to crosstalk, and Sun Nan funny partner. The two of them will be used to show the sound of the normal routine of the show, the wonderful artistic processing, vivid performance, making them a combination of many points. Zhou Jie also expressed his interest as an actor相关的主题文章: