Jia Lei exclusive! He invited the pelican Tianju war NBA preseason game China-zibba

Jia Lei exclusive! He invited the pelican Tianju war NBA preseason game China He Tianju sina sports news Beijing on September 15th news, according to the NBA New Orleans pelicans team news sources revealed to reporters, the pelican has officially issued an invitation to the Liaoning player He Tianju, hope he can represent a pelican and NBA and NBA China pre-season match. At present, he is Tianju following the Olympic men’s basketball team in the Asian challenge, according to the pelican revealed that He Tianju will finish at the Asian challenge then flew to the United States to meet with the team. He was born in 1990, height 2 meters 06, division striker, now in Liaoning. 2015-16 season, he averaged 12.2 points and 3.9 rebounds in the Liaoning team can get a total of 1.6 assists. New Orleans Pelican has a soft spot for He Tianju, is quite popular. As early as last summer, the team had issued a formal invitation to He Tianju, let him go on behalf of the pelican in the summer league, this also let He Tianju get a very precious opportunity to exercise. Last summer, He Tianju on behalf of the pelican team played 6 game in the NBA Summer League, averaging 3.7 points and 1.2 rebounds. Although the data is not eye-catching, but He Tianju’s performance in the game has attracted the attention of the fans, whether he has the ability to log on NBA time has become a hot topic for the fans. After he Tianju on behalf of the pelican in the summer league, the team did not stop on his tour, in the last season of the all star game, the team scouts and came to the China, inspect some CBA players, including the new Tianju. I was also on the pelican’s scouts conducted an interview with him, for he Tianju earlier in the summer league performance also gave full recognition. Let a lot of people did not expect that, after a lapse of a year in the pelican to He Tianju again issued the invitation, I hope he can join. Although he did not know this Tianju join the pelican what form contract, but for Tianju he can play in the NBA, this high level of competition, will undoubtedly be a precious opportunity to exercise. Interestingly, the pelican to China in the NBA Chinese match in this year will rocket and pelicans on October 9th, and October 12th, two Chinese match was carried out in Shanghai and Beijing respectively match. Not surprisingly, he Tianju will also represent this team played two games pelican. More exciting is that China player Zhou Qi was previously the Rockets selected, he currently follow the Rockets training, although this year will be able to officially join the Rockets is uncertain, but he still could represent the Rockets in the NBA Chinese match. If Zhou Qi and He Tianju can also appear in the rocket and the pelican squad in October Chinese tournament, NBA China tournament will also appear for the first time Chinese Derby elements. (Jia Lei)相关的主题文章: