Ji certis 10.10 super Zhou Dongcan Yellen conference speech, suggestions and release of silver gas o yezimei

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Ji certis: 10.10 super Zhou Dongcan Yellen conference speech, crude oil operation of natural gas and release Sina asphalt silver fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Next week, the crude oil (Li Qing) market, there are several key events need to cause concern. The informal meeting will be held on October 8th OPEC and non OPEC oil producers plan -13, to discuss the implementation of production agreement; in addition, IEA, EIA, OPEC will release monthly oil market report; speech Fed chairman Yellen will be held at the Boston fed meeting; during the American election brought more aspects of the news so next week, the financial market will play again and again, we have to wait and see. Friday received Yinxian taking overnight gains, K line running on the band below the Bollinger Bands opening up, MA5, MA10 MACD running on the MA5 operating line to $49.3 to support the formation, the average system still was long, the MACD index of 0 axis line cross gold fork operation, red energy column continued volume index, strong, but RSI and the random index high hook head down, the short term, the price is below the prestige tzg178 callback needs, concerned about the proposed 48.5 dollar line support. Silver daily chart yesterday, continue to receive a negative column, recorded four Lianyin closing below the 5 day moving average. The K line running on brin below the Bollinger Bands continue downward, the short-term average downward divergence, is suppressed by the 5 day moving average, picture indicators MACD Sicha down the green momentum column volume, stochastic KDJ Guaitou Sicha down to the four hour chart, currently running on the lower Bollinger rail line, above the average press heavy, short-term repression by the 5 day moving average, the average is still downward, picture indicators MACD Sicha down the green column began shrinking, stochastic KDJ three line Guaitou run, the formation of MACD signs, the number tzg178, in general, suggest a rebound short based, strict control risk, stable operation. As traders of the southeastern United States winter heating demand is expected Friday U.S. natural gas futures prices rose to a 21 month high this week, natural gas futures have risen 10[%]; however, hurricane Matthew hit Florida, causing the state more than 800 thousand homes and businesses to supply disruptions, which means that by Florida pipe for transporting natural gas or will decline to below a month average. Affected by this, the natural gas broke through the previous 5600 repression, the highest hit after the fall of 5865. The natural gas market hand news fluctuated greatly, at present growth is still rapid, is expected next week after the pullback consolidation will continue to rise high refresh, empty single quilt partners should pay attention to, want some sort of relief rescue friends should grasp this opportunity to Wei tzg178. Focus on the following 5780 line support. How much oil asphalt single quilt, get out of trouble? As for why I don’t want to stop, I really don’t want to stress. Money is your theory相关的主题文章: