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Jane Zhang mother against daughter marriage   Feng Ke: May the property transferred to Jane Zhang name — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: Feng Ke: the name of Jane Zhang Jane Zhang would go to the property recently traced to the wedding will be held in Italy in November 9th, but yesterday afternoon, Jane Zhang’s mother Zhang Guiying through the network issued a public letter "I don’t want to let her go wrong", openly oppose the daughter’s marriage, let sweet atmosphere suddenly reversed. At the same time, mother Jane Zhang openly accused prospective son-in-law Feng Ke misappropriation of property, and has sued Feng Ke last month. Yesterday, is at the center of the storm Jane Zhang debut concert in Chengdu conference, the stage of her unable to restrain the emotions crying into tears, if referred to sigh: "what kind of problem, I have infinite patience to persist and face…… I will be good, hope and everyone is good." Words seem very helpless. Finally, Feng Ke said he would like to turn all the property to the name of Jane Zhang, hoping to successfully resolve the family crisis. Jane Zhang began to change the shares of the mother said in an open letter, in 2012, Jane Zhang invested 4 million yuan, the investment of $1 million 600 thousand, the two sides of the group of small cities in the era of less than $. At that time the share allocation is 20% of the shares of Jane Zhang’s mother, Feng Ke, the rest of the remaining 70% are in the name of the name of the president of the United States in the name of 10%. On July 10, 2014, Jane Zhang’s mother was changed to accounting for the company’s equity It is without rhyme or reason. 5%; in August of the same year, the registered capital of the company increased from the original 6 million 600 thousand yuan to 10 million yuan, Zhang Guiying shares become less, accounting for the company’s equity ratio was only 5%, while Feng Ke equity ratio was 60%, accounting for 35% stake until Jane Zhang; in November 24, 2014, Jane Zhang’s mother in the hands of equity and shareholder qualifications are all illegal deprivation. Jane Zhang mother also said that the name of the name of the industry has not yet been employed by Jane Zhang, including all the money earned in the past during the period of Huayi city to now less than the city, all in the presence of Feng Ke. And that’s what she’s always worried about. Although chatting said money is the common property, but Jane Zhang’s mother said today has been unable to trust each other saying, "what are not, not a penny, (Liangying) only a credit card. Feng Ke’s explanation is that you can’t have a car, a house and a deposit. That’s what he told her!" Feng Ke responded quickly "on property issues. I have been in November 25, 2015, after the Beijing HanKun law firm Feng Ke marriage notary, all property, are attributed to Jane Zhang and Feng Ke all together, so less city times the equity change or not, does not affect me and Liangying two people’s property ownership. On the change of equity in the era of small cities." Feng Ke yesterday responded: "less city times from the establishment of the date of registration, the actual operator is my company, Liangying is the company’s most important artists, we share a stake in the company. After a notary, taking into account the actual development of the financing needs of the company, the final adjustment of equity accounted for 40% of Liangying, I accounted for 60%. I understand that, no matter how much we accounted for, just for the operation and financing needs, in essence, is the common property of husband and wife." But)相关的主题文章: