It is said that the girl waited for the whole autumn to make such a photo

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It is said that the girl waited for a whole autumn to take such a photo (the original title: it is said that every girl wants to take pictures in autumn, which do you like?) Lead: whatever is in season vegetables, fruits, flowers, or leaves…… Once you miss it, you’ll have to wait another year. So, may wish to take advantage of the autumn scene, take seasonal products to create creative talent ~ with the season is very important to take pictures! But it’s also important to shoot the United States! So today, together, 6 kinds of autumn shooting skills of the meal, I hope you can take pictures of the circle of friends after the spike! In the leaves on the streets of all the leaves fall to the path, or the central city, is the most beautiful scenery in autumn. Take a camera, go to these places to shoot, can relax the mood, but also a way to travel. Shoot the leaves, be sure to pick a sunny day, so that the color of the picture will be more transparent, people will be beautiful! When a cup of autumn defined whole wheat baking pumpkin latte latte was most looking forward to autumn, can go for a picnic in the countryside. After growing up, the most happy thing, is able to drink the limit one year ~ a cup of autumn defined pumpkin latte or whole wheat latte, only PO people will be able to smell the autumn breath oh! Photo color to be warm in autumn and winter cold season, warm colors will bring sunshine as bright, let people be able to remember the photos at the same time, can relieve the mood of deep warm color ~ very simple, in the mobile phone map software can easily fix, in short, absolutely warm winter photos the! When wearing a warm sweater photo, wear loose lazy sweater, warm up photos will make. When choosing a sweater, and the surrounding environment must have contrast fusion, such pictures are just nice ~ season clothing, plus the bow smile face, tell the world, this fall, I had to. Production of autumn warm heart sweet touch the sun, a small point, and then about 32 friends, so the fall, do you want it? Dessert can be made into the appearance of autumn, such as a leaf, such as a small pumpkin, good-looking and delicious, it is also a sense of autumn. Take seasonal products to create creative talent, whether it is to make a face, or a quiet shot, photos can be passed out behind the happiness. It can also take this opportunity for their own planning activities in the fall, to see returning to the nature ~ perhaps we have forgotten when I was young, in the autumn of lying on the grass roll, on the outskirts of listen to the crickets call, a look at the top of the mountain rain. Go to see autumn, to see how life is gorgeous to release its final strength, to see the fruit is how to greet the geese flying south……相关的主题文章: