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IPhone 8 there is only one OLED? Because of the insufficient capacity of the Sohu [news] Chinese digital mobile phone iPhone series next year is the ten year old birthday, starting from iPhone 6, for three years of design iPhone is not what a big change, it makes a lot of fans in dissatisfaction at the same time, for the next iPhone 8 more to look forward to. Before there have been news that Apple will abandon the LCD screen, instead of using the OLED screen, as everyone knows, Samsung as the largest OLED screen manufacturer, announced that Apple has ordered more than one million sets of OLED screen to Samsung, and will become the next apple only screen suppliers. But as everyone knows, the apple super higher shipments and strict quality control, Samsung is obviously unable to supply enough, there is news that iPhone 8 will be equipped with a side bend, and extends to the surface of the screen frame of the mobile phone, but if it is so, it is estimated it will become the most vulnerable mobile phone! Curved surface of the iPhone version of the OLED needs only Samsung can supply, according to foreign media reports, but due to lack of capacity, next year’s three iPhone, will only use a OLED screen.相关的主题文章: