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Inventory: once set thousands of pet unicorn was to drop altar Sina Technology from the policy side of Zhou Xuedie once the unicorn to now be sold, from once financing billions of now traced from the collapse of fled, set thousands of pet in a star company now need to rely on layoffs to reduce costs, between what happened? Profit model of a single Evernote: Unicorn legend now the team was founded 8 years ago, Evernote in 2012 has become a unicorn. But with Microsoft, apple and other giants gradually began to pay attention to the synchronization function, Evernote days began to be difficult. Last year, the company announced that it would cut 13% jobs globally and close offices in Taiwan, Singapore and moscow. Before the team narrowed sharply, Evernote founder Phil · has resigned in July Libin. If the company’s huge turbulence is the image, then several attempts to transform the failure is one of the underlying reasons. Evernote has launched the "exploit" of the surrounding shops, are expensive to the users involved, in addition notes several extensions of App, such as "food" and "punctuate" nor product features. These new products are announced at the end of last year, "death". In the end, Evernote or return to a single member payment mode. But in the face of Microsoft, Apple has the advantage of free services, this business model can talk enough attractive? Pea pods: $1 billion 500 million valuation final commitment Ali in July 5th this year, pea pods officially announced, the application distribution business will be incorporated into the mobile business group Alibaba (hereinafter referred to as Ali mobile), the two sides have signed a merger agreement. Thus, the pea pod has several refused to be acquired and finally committed ali. According to previous media news, the price of the acquisition of pea pea is $200 million, with the highest valuation of $1 billion 500 million far. Pea pods was born in 2009, seize the popularity of smart phones and computers connected to the bonus, quickly became the darling of the market and users. According to the news, as of the end of July 2013, pea pods subscribers exceeded two hundred million, is not repeated more than 650 thousand applications, application of daily distribution amount over 35 million, has become the highest quality China largest application store. However, after 2014, the Tencent launched the application treasure, Baidu acquisition of 91 assistant using the page for Baidu search assistant guide, mobile phone manufacturers have started to store application showed a strong enthusiasm, ultimately, in the capital has been to winter this year, pea pod co-founder and CEO Wang Junyu released long micro-blog, this is not the topic of "end point," said today’s decision is the active choice, regrettable. Foursquare: a final application of Foursquare financing in a bloody, China and with a similar application of "street" this. Foursquare was founded in 2009, coincides with the smart phone just.相关的主题文章: