Introduction of the implementation of the reform and development of football in

The Chongqing football reform and development plan introduced a reporter from the Chongqing Municipal Sports Bureau, Chongqing municipal government office issued the day before the "Chongqing City Football Reform and development plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), through the establishment of Chongqing City Football Development Foundation, the construction of football characteristic base, a package of measures to strengthen policy Chongqing, and strive to be built for the Western soccer city. According to reports, the introduction of "overall plan" Chinese football reform and development, member of the Central Political Bureau and the Chongqing municipal Party committee secretary Sun Zhengcai, mayor Huang Qifan made instructions for the first time, put forward clear requirements for the city to implement the "overall plan". Chongqing’s new "implementation plan" is divided into general requirements, accelerate the solid foundation and platform of football development and deepening the reform, improve the development of football football management system of four parts of a total of 27, clearly put forward in 10 years, Chongqing will build a city in the western city of football. At the same time, the "plan" also made a series of quantitative assessment indicators of the 2020 Chongqing football population of over 800 thousand in 2025 1 million; football industry output in the city sports industry output value proportion increased to 30% by 2025, the scale reached 30 billion yuan, driven by the football employees reached more than 20 people; football talent echelon registration the number to reach 6000 in 2020, to 2025 to reach 10000 people. The establishment of Chongqing City Football Development Foundation, each year according to the ratio of not less than 8% from the year the city’s sports lottery funding arrangements, for the support of juvenile football talents training, football public service activities; while the construction of education, training and competition, in football football estate in one of the characteristics of football base, create Chongqing city youth football training center and the national football training base. Deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Sports Bureau Zhang Xin introduction, in order to realize the establishment of Chongqing "implementation plan" goal, Chongqing relevant departments are formulating the "Chongqing Football Association adjustment reform program" "Chongqing City Football facilities construction plan (2016-2020)" and "plan" three policy documents supporting the long-term development of Chongqing City football, from the innovation of the management system, increase the supply of space and sustainable development orientation to promote the reform and development of Chongqing football. (Deng Hongjie)相关的主题文章: