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The tide of Internet banking has been formally receded the sina finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Jiangnan young cynic most P2P or online banking or is hard to estimate the transformation, most likely will slowly disappear, and disappear can cost quite high. Finance is a very hard to stop the game, to get down the game, a lot of things, the beginning may decide the result. Internet Financial tide has officially receded in August 24th called the most stringent net loan new official landing, Internet financial regulatory policy tightening. Program includes the prohibition of mixed operations, the upper limit of the amount of borrowing and other terms will cause a fatal blow to most of the net loan platform, the platform had to be rectification, transformation. So, after the era of Internet banking supervision, especially P2P net loan platform, where to go? What will happen to the industry? The introduction of the net loan project supervision, in addition to the first day’s movement, the market is very calm, feel strange, according to previous media, practitioners or basic should be a naughty, suggestion and opinion, attack attack, applaud, so I feel very strange, think later is estimated the dust settles, you didn’t mention what estimate what, so busy with the rectification rectification, the transformation of the transformation to the. From the executive, I personally feel it’s hard to say good and bad, can only say that there is no better than this way this way, at least let everyone know what to go, what to do; can do, can do early withdrawal, so is very good, the only concern is the price. A little big. Because I feel that the vast majority of P2P or online banking or, in fact, it is difficult to transition, the majority of the estimated may slowly disappear, and the cost may be quite high disappeared. Finance is a very hard to stop the game, to get down the game, a lot of things, the beginning may decide the result, this point of view, I personally feel that we monitor the implementation of views, no matter good or bad, it is too late. Many costs are unnecessary. Today, I would like to talk about some of the changes in the industry’s own regulatory opinions brought about by some of my personal views, the right to give practitioners and investors some personal views. The Internet Financial tide receded with vigour and vitality officially the first view, I personally feel that the executive opinion represents the basic regulation with vigour and vitality over the past four years the official ebb tide of Internet banking. I said in July last year, the P2P industry lost investment value, the capital of the winter came, and then leave china. P2P industry lost value is considered from the two logic, the first logic is the industry regulation will be heavy hand, the original survival arbitrage opportunities were destroyed. The supervision from the loose to encourage strict supervision is the stock market crash, crash occurred to realize the financial sector supervision, if not be bound, is the impact of the financial system, but also greatly expand the financial risk. In the absence of the Internet, a lot of financial risks are piling up in the small fan相关的主题文章: