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Business Intercom Systems, Gate Openers, Door Locks, Electric Door Strikes and Magnetic Locks are devices used with Automatic Electric Doors to beef up the security setup of the premises. Each of them has specific tasks and all of them function in tandem for smooth functioning of the Automatic Gate. They have been described below in detail: Intercom Systems Intercom Systems are voice communication systems used primarily to communicate within the same building or small group of buildings. Intercom Systems are integrated with the Automatic Gates to facilitate voice recognition. Intercom Systems are often accompanied by CCTV (Close Circuit Television) Cameras to aid the recognition. Thus, the ones who intend to walk through the Gates speak with the owner through the Intercom and it is left at the behest of the owner to open the Gates or not. Intercom Systems can also be programmed to send alerts on owners mobile phone. Gate Openers Gate Openers or Gate Operators are the devices which move the Gates to open or to close them. Gate Openers are connected to the controls with the help of wires or by use of wireless technology. Gate Openers can also be programmed to open the Gates in specified circumstances. There are two types of Gate Openers, namely Mechanical Gate Operators and Hydraulic Gate Openers. Door Locks The Door Locks that are used to lock the Automatic Gates are Electric Locks. The basic mechanism of Electric Door Locks involves two circuits, one connected to a device which locks the Door and the other to a device which unlocks it. The flip switch used to operate the lock completes one of the circuits at a time. Electric Locks allow the Automatic Gates to be simultaneously locked at several points with the flip of one switch. Electric Door Strikes Electric Door Strikes are like the common Door Strikes except for the fact that there is a ramped surface presented to the Door Latch. This ramped surface allows the latch to be opened even without any turning of the door knob from the inside. The opening of such doors is often accompanied by a buzzing sound which allows the person to know that the door has been opened. Magnetic Locks Magnetic Locks work on the principle of an electric field creating a magnetic field. Magnetic Locks require electricity to keep the door locked and hence are also referred to as Electromagnetic Locks. Modern Magnetic Locks come equipped with rechargeable batteries which allow the functioning of the locks for short duration during power cuts. Access One is among the distinguished experts in Automatic Gate Systems in Australia. Access One offers a comprehensive range of Gate Automation Systems and Accessories including Boom Gates, Swing Gate Motors, Sliding Gate Motors, Gate Hardware, Intercom, etc. For more details, visit Please Visit Site:- ..accessone…au/ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: