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Food-and-Drink India is a culturally rich nation and it is considered auspicious to have sweets food after every good news or happening. One who has tasted Indian sweets once never leaves the taste anymore. The vast country boasts of diverse cuisines and this diversity also shows up in the variety of sweets food offered. The finger licking good gulab jamun, coconut burfi and other milk sweets can make anyones mouth water. Not only this, it is believed that milk sweets and various other Indian sweets when taken after a meal help in digestion. Many people prefer having sweets food and milk foods at anytime of the day, even with tea, juice or other beverages at mid-intervals. Not only at restaurants but also at homes, having Indian sweets or snacks after meal or in between is very popular. Gulab jamun along with atta laddoo, coconut barfi, patisa, gondh laddoo, sohan halwai, balu shahi, dal barfi, kesar coconut barfi, sev badam, special gujia, kesar gujia, dhoda, banarasi laddoo, shahi laddoo, special Karachi halwa, besan laddoo, dhoda kaju, moti pak, shahi pinni, rasgulla, etc. are the top Indian sweets. With this and many more choices in Indian sweets, it has toughened the task of gifting on any festive occasion as people have so many options to choose from. Gulab jamun and various other milk sweets are prepared from dough with khoya as the main ingredient. This dough when rolled into little balls and deep fried take the dark red or black color. These fried balls are sweetened in the sugar syrup prepared with flavors of saffron, cardamom or kewra seeds. The gulab jamun mix powder is easily available in the market and can be prepared at homes as well. At the same time, you can relish your favorite gulab jamun at the nearest sweets outlets. This is one of the milk sweets that never ceases to sell and is equally popular in any season. Be it a wedding platter, or any other festive occasion, rarely does anyone given gulab jamun miss it. Khoya burfi, ras malai and rasgulla are the other Indian sweets food which enjoys equal popularity as gulab jamun. Apart from sweets food, Indians also have a great taste for spicy namkeen and other snacks food. Bengali sweets like rasgullas and chhena toast, malai rabdi, pista king, rasmalai, chaka chak, fruit cup, kesar badam, malai king, mishti dahi, ras bhari, rasgulla, cham cham, sandesh, pakiza, petha, etc. too have a special place in the Indian sweets industry, especially when it .es to sweets food. Indian sweets too like various other cuisines have .e a long way to be what they are today. Further makeover in the .ing years is expected as chefs take over and cooking gets a glamorous apron on. What can definitely remain the same and will, would be the aroma, the finger licking taste, and the flavor. Whatever is added will add more to the taste you have already enjoyed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: