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In the history of the most comprehensive list of autumn tourism! Autumn is a good time to travel. Quiet autumn, this time travel can make people feel calm. Small to give you a history of the most complete autumn tourist destination list, collect! In the history of the most complete fall tourist attractions list thanks! Sichuan, Jiuzhaigou is a fairy tale of water to do the world, about its beauty has been said too much. In the fall of the Jiuzhaigou has become colorful, this is the best time to travel to Jiuzhaigou. Red, blue and yellow leaves, green lake intertwined, stunning scene is really immeasurably vast difference. Jiuzhaigou is located in the northern part of Sichuan Province, stretching over 72000 hectares, and the winding and narrow valley of Jiuzhaigou is more than 4800 meters above sea level. It is the magnificent scenery for a series of narrow conical Kesite karst landforms and spectacular waterfalls and more full of life. Ditch the existing 140 kinds of birds, there are many endangered species of plants and animals, including the giant panda and Sichuan takin. Jiuzhaigou scenic area is located in the west of China Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of ABA County in Sichuan Province Nanping county. Because of the nine Tibetan villages located in the alpine lakes, which was called Jiuzhaigou". Covering an area of about 720 square kilometers, most of the land is covered by forests. The king of Jiuzhaigou scenic area, 80 km long, consisting of a Mizoguchi rilang a primitive forest and NuoRiLang Changhai two tributary, a long sea, sword rock, tree, zharu NuoRiLang, the Black Sea, the six wonders, beautiful atmosphere, pure natural. The mountain, water, forest and many scenes, especially in the most beautiful scene. In the narrow valley, colorful, clear like a mirror of the more than and 100 lakes interspersed, springs, waterfalls, rivers and beaches will be numerous blue and clear lakes one run on the picturesque, in different poses and with different expressions. In addition to Xuefeng, against a blue sky and four seasons, the "Mount Huangshan scenery Jiuzhai guilaibukan mountain, Jiuzhai guilaibukan water" and "the waterscape king". Xinjiang Aletai to Kanas in October and November is not the best time to go to Daocheng tourism, because this winter comes early, but this time the scenery is distinctive, especially on the way from Daocheng to Aden, in riverside and salad two places, boxwood forest and the most beautiful red marsh, attract a lot of people to love photography. The city is located in the southwest of Sichuan, in the southern part of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous prefecture. North and South 174 km long, east-west width of 63 km. The maximum elevation of 6032 meters, the minimum altitude of 2000 meters, vertical drop of 4032 meters high. County 3750 meters above sea level. Muli County and Liangshan bordering Southeast Daocheng, west of Xiangcheng County and adjacent to the Zhongdian County of Yunnan Province, north of Ganzi, Litang county. The Daocheng plateau is composed of the Hengduan Mountains and Gongga mountains haizishan. Two mountains located north and south, accounting for about 1/3 of the county’s area. The terrain, from north to south, East West High low, undulating mountains, peaks, meandering rough. Dome shaped, glacial rock basin and faulted basin in the plateau, is the ruins of ancient ice Chinese largest, "Daocheng ancient ice cap". Haizishan vast grasslands, glaciated terrain.相关的主题文章: