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I as a mother, absolutely not to do these things young mothers cry – Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand some time ago, a friend gave birth to a son, I went to visit with a small orange. When chatting, friends mysteriously came to my side, I half jokingly said to me: "I see the little orange is very handsome pretty wow, I will end a marriage? Anyway, little orange is a few years older than my son." "Think beauty, it is not in vain to send you a girl!" I said with a smile. "How? If you hurt the girl at my house? Don’t worry, I’ll be a good mother!" Friends say. "That’s what you wish for, it’s just me. Buy a house, buy a car on the matter to your home, my daughter-in-law to you, I do not care to eat gas……" I deliberately booing. After coming back from a friend’s house, I also have to think about an interesting thing: now the whole family are urged me to have a second child, but if I’m two viviparous son, that is not meant to be a mother?! In this way, the law conflicts are not general turmoil happen to me? I will not say I was a wife abandon, parenting ideas behind? Don’t you think I’m in charge? Do you think I spoil my children? Do not take the old man with the baby 10 crimes read to me?…… Oh NO!! Think it is terrible to think! So I swear, if I become a mother, I will not allow this to happen! When I became a mother when I will be prepared to take care of his wife: ten years because in the first ten years of their marriage, the wife is helpless when most in need of help: living in a new environment, daily life will inevitably have not used; pregnant in October, and will be terribly fatigued…… I in this ten years, should be more relaxed, almost to the age of retirement, work is not very busy; over 60 people, was healthy and tough. Therefore, the wife can help one to help a. I tried to take care of his wife after ten years, I was really old, at that time, I believe that the wife will certainly be grateful, in turn, take care of me. Care! When I became a mother when I’m not when my son and daughter-in-law hostess they marry, it means that from the old family, since the formation of a new small family, son and daughter-in-law is really one family, after all, the two of them to accompany the life. And my wife and son, in fact, outsiders. Two although the family relationship is close, but it has a limit, once it is easy to confuse the contradiction. Therefore, the wife of a matter of their own. What time will the wall painted what color do you want to buy wood, furniture, children, or caesarean birth…… I’m not going to interfere, only give my advice when they need it. Of course, my wife came to see me with my wife, I do not bother to buy food to cook them, after all, I am the mistress of this old family, I have to do the master painting相关的主题文章: