In the enterprise, the association of part-time to earn extra money this thing must not be do

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In the enterprise, the association of part-time to earn extra money?   leading cadres shall do this — Finance — original title: in the enterprise association, part-time to earn extra money? This leading cadres shall do a few leading cadres in the officialdom to get some official appointment, want to learn, association, business part-time to earn pocket money". With that in mind, you may have an accident. Recently, many cities in our province leading cadres to carry out illegal part-time reward special activities, leading cadres must not only illegal by the corresponding processing units of the responsible person may be held accountable. The special control measures illegal part-time reward of leading cadres to carry out special treatment in Sanmenxia recently, Sanmenxia city for public servants, especially leading cadres illegal to carry out special treatment work in societies, associations and other organizations such as part-time reward, urge relevant departments to strictly implement the responsibility to cut off the administrative power and the associations between the interests of the chain. It is understood that the Sanmenxia city governance object for the two counties of the party organ, the NPC organs, administrative organs, CPPCC organs, judicial organs and procuratorial organs, organs of the democratic parties, people’s organizations and institutions, state-owned and state holding enterprises Fu Keji cadres, township (street) Party members of the team and base station the person in charge, and the scope of the above containing back (from) Hugh leading cadres. While the focus of governance includes four categories: illegal part-time in the community organization; irregularities in the community organization receive salaries, bonuses and allowances paid to obtain additional income and other irregularities in the organization; to receive all kinds of illegal subsidies; in community organization equipped vehicles, office. According to the Commission’s official website news release, in addition to Sanmenxia, Anyang, Xinxiang, Shangqiu city and other places are also carried out in the near future for leading cadres illegal part-time reward special activities. Henan Chinese commercial news reporter noted that the special governance activities by the provincial municipal commission for Discipline Inspection, the Organization Department of the municipal Party committee, Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and other departments led. The specific measures of leading cadres part-time reward units of the responsible person should bear responsibility according to the understanding, carry out the special rectification activities of the provincial cities have developed specific programs. For example, Sanmenxia requires that the organization and personnel departments at all levels should be in accordance with the cadre management authority for the registration of the leading cadres in the community part-time review, do not meet the conditions of the firm verification. The civil affairs departments to strictly guard the record, according to the law to do a good job registration review of community organizations. The work plan of Anyang City, also make it clear that the work is divided into three stages: self correction stage (September 2016), all units, leading cadres at all levels to carry out a comprehensive self-examination, and fill out the registration form; supervision and inspection stage (October 2016), the establishment of supervision and inspection group, smooth petition reporting channels, widely accepted by the masses supervision; the jianzhanglizhi stage (November 2016), improve the relevant system, establish strict control and management of leading cadres norms in the long-term mechanism of community organizations part-time. Reporters noted that in terms of accountability, the move is very severe. Sanmenxia on the regulations, in addition to the relevant findings相关的主题文章: