In the end to buy what Canon and SONY 1 inch card camera contrast

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In the end to buy what? Canon and SONY 1 inch camera card comparison in people’s traditional concept, turning to the camera picture, only SLR body + changqiangduanbao to do. But in recent years with the rapid development of camera technology, more and more high-definition camera card gradually appeared in people’s field of vision, the camera to maintain a small portable DC card volume, on the other hand also by virtue of large size CMOS sensor has excellent quality performance. Canon G7 X II and SONY RX100 IV is two such cameras, the same location and similar configuration often makes it difficult for consumers to choose. Today, I compare the two cameras in the lens, image quality, and focus on the difference, to see who is more worthy of our purchase. · G7 X Mark handle appearance contrast: II is the first highlight is to introduce the Canon G7 X Mark II, this is the Canon G Series 1 inch at the bottom of the card machine of the latest models, using a piece of approximately 20 million 100 thousand effective pixels, 1 inch CMOS sensor. In the other hand, the continuation of the previous generation design style, professional atmosphere, the use of a metal shell, through the surface of the grinding processing, and added a rubber handle, relaxing the grip also has good anti slip effect. Canon G7 X Mark II the appearance of professional atmosphere, the new handle allows the camera to grip up more practical the next appearance of the SONY RX100 IV, this is SONY black series the fourth generation product, also using the CMOS sensor is a 1 inch size, approximately 20 million 100 thousand effective pixels. The RX100 IV fuselage is not equipped with anti slip skin, so a lot of game player in order to make the camera holding up not so smooth themselves DIY skin. But SONY is equipped with a flip screen, players will be easier to shoot at a low angle. SONY RX100 IV fuselage design is simple, built-in EVF is the highlight of the two cameras put together to compare, we can clearly see that they have a place to learn from each other in the body design. For example, the two are at the bottom of the lens with a lens ring, easy for players to adjust the parameters at any time. But the difference is that Canon G7 X Mark II lens ring can step by step continuous mode selection, you can choose to have the sense of scale model step by step, can also choose to smooth continuous mode sliding; and SONY RX100 IV only provides a sliding mode, have no choice. The fuselage is very similar to the design, Canon G7 X II lens ring to be able to continuously switch the top two cameras are placed on the top of the power button, shutter button, and the mode dial. The Canon G7 X Mark II than SONY RX100 IV an exposure compensation dial, such changes in the camera exposure more convenient, can help users to easily take exposure to normal photos, is more a design of human nature. SONY RX100 IV is more an electronic viewfinder, convenient used electronic viewfinder shooting people.相关的主题文章: