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In the case of Badaling tiger attack tourists commissioned six lawyers negotiate Titus questioned Beijing Zoo – set up warning signs display area is the tiger in the cage, the cage of unlabeled varieties recently, Beijing Badaling wild zoo Tiger Tiger Park occurred in a 32 year old female injured personnel so that visitors Zhao was halfway off, the tiger dragged away, his mother Zhou chase off was the tiger bite. The incident caused Zhou died, Zhao injured. The day before, Yanqing District informed of the results of the investigation into the incident, that did not comply with the provisions of the tourists, ignored the warning, to get off, do not belong to production safety accidents. Beijing Youth Daily reporter was informed that the family has been entrusted with 6 lawyers to deal with the incident, is currently working with the zoo on the follow-up compensation matters such as consultation. In August 25th, the park opened in Badaling wild animal world to suspend business for a month. On the morning of 25, BYD reporters came to the animal world, the ticket office staff said that the current self driving tourists can only visit the small animal area, if you want to visit the beast area, can only take the tour bus into the park to watch. The families of the injured party: the more questions are learned, and garden party consultation BYD reporters at present, the woman was injured in the incident have been discharged, and good recovery. The family side commissioned 6 lawyers to deal with the follow-up matters, the family is currently working with the zoo on the subsequent handling of the incident consultations. According to the report of the accident the day before, the family party lawyer put forward questions. Lawyers believe that the scenic area planning and design is unreasonable, there are significant security risks driving mode, the investigation report did not announce the planning and design of the park side. The design is not reasonable so that visitors prone to careless mental state, resulting in tragedy. Lawyers believe that the wild zoo is different from the ordinary urban zoo, the breeding of wild animals are more dangerous, the park should bear a higher duty of care. As a driver of the ordinary people, for the risk of cognitive ability, ability to judge, the ability to dispose of their own problems may result in the risk of. Some unexpected events may subconsciously leave the car and put yourself in serious danger. In addition, they believe that the emergency rescue investigation report in the disposal process, we can see the park without effective rescue measures and measures, and ultimately delayed rescue time, which leads to the tragedy. The investigation report to the zoo made 4 suggestions, lawyers believe that some of the recommendations of the essence of the existence of several major faults. Zoo: third parties have been invited to carry out hidden investigation after the incident, the Badaling wildlife park immediately closed for rectification. According to wild zoo zoo staff, during the period of closure they hired third party safety assessment agencies for the hidden danger, after the third party in the assessment is put forward some problems, according to the zoo third party put forward the problems and requirements of the rectification. In the specific exclusion of hidden dangers, the staff said that this hidden investigation involves many aspects, is not a single, the whole is a whole process of exclusion is not a needle相关的主题文章: