In recognition of Shanghai Olympic athlete Wu Minxia won the lifetime achievement award alongside Ya-pppd-175

In recognition of Shanghai Olympic athlete Wu Minxia won the lifetime achievement award Yao Ming awards [] Wu Minxia shoulder Olympic harvest hardware writing legend commentary choked offer blessings in Shanghai. In September 2, (Ma Huayu) Shanghai Olympic athletes triumph in recognition of the general assembly 2, held at the Shanghai exhibition center. The Rio Olympics double champion of three meter board, the "hardware" King Wu Minxia "Shanghai City Sports lifelong Magnolia Award for outstanding achievement". Rio Olympic Games, Wu Minxia and partner Shi Tingmao won the women’s three meter board, which is her harvest of the Olympic gold medal in the fifth. She also expressed her retirement after the game. Wu Minxia won the "Shanghai City Sports Magnolia lifelong outstanding achievement award" was first established in 2011, was awarded the famous basketball player Yao Ming. Wu Minxia said, very pleased to be able to get this award, thanks to their years of insistence, thanks to everyone’s support. Speaking of the future, she said that at present they need to rest for some time, want to stay at home with their parents, the future still want to be able to make a contribution to Chinese sports. The same day, Han Zheng, Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Shanghai Municipal Committee, mayor Yang Xiong met with the Shanghai Olympic Games to participate in the Olympic athletes, coaches and security team. Han Zheng said: "the Chinese sports delegation in the Rio Olympic Games in the hard work, moment affects our hearts, when the five-star red flag in the Olympic Games, we are very excited and proud." Yang Xiong said: "the true meaning of sports, is the courage to overcome the self, beyond the self. As long as you go all out in the game, do their best, regardless of whether or not get the gold medal on the podium, you are the pride of the city, we cheer for you, proud of you. I hope the athletes to win and lose gracefully, with high morale again to a new starting line, continue to create new glories in the arena of life." In addition, for the Rio Olympics women’s cycling team sprint champion bell angel, the men’s team table tennis champion Xu Xin and Huang Xuechen, Nie Yudi was awarded the "Shanghai model" the honorary title.相关的主题文章: