In order to prevent personal information protection of telecommunications fraud to be included in

In order to prevent telecommunications fraud protection of personal information to be included in the civil rights of the original title: prevent telecommunications fraud protection of personal information to be included in the civil rights of the Beijing News News (reporter Wang Shu) today (October 31st), the NPC Standing Committee, the second draft of the general principles of civil law, civil rights in the draft chapters added "personal information protection clause, clearly stipulates that" the natural person the personal information protected by law". This means that the protection of personal information is intended to be written as a civil rights law. Protection of civil rights is the core of civil law. In June this year, the NPC Standing Committee review the general principles of civil law draft, with provisions of the type and content of civil rights, including the right of the person, such as personal freedom and dignity are protected by law; property rights, ownership, usufruct and security rights; intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, works, geographical indications, commercial secrets and other intellectual achievements. In addition, the network virtual property, data information is also used as a new civil rights object. After the first trial, according to the present situation of telecommunications fraud, Internet fraud, some industry insiders say, "personal information protection" should also be the civil rights from the civil law, the tort law perspective to crack telecommunications fraud, Internet fraud problem. In September the "telecommunications fraud governance and legal protection" forum, law research center of Renmin University of China civil and commercial director Yang Lixin made the claim, he said, the new version of the "consumer protection law" and "decision on strengthening the network information protection" and other regulations, although the protection of personal information has made some provisions, but did not play the corresponding role. "Although every thing infringe the right of personal information is very small, such as selling a mobile phone number is a few cents, if you go to the prosecution, the court will not accept, but the problem here, even sell 10 Fen also sell information, but also constitute infringement." Today, as the revision report also said the deputy director of the NPC Law Committee Li Shi, some members of the NPC Standing Committee also suggested that the flood of illegal acquisition, sale of illegal or illegally providing personal information to others, serious social harm, proposed further emphasizes the protection of personal information. The study of the Legal Committee believes that personal information rights are the rights of citizens in the modern information society, clear of personal information protection for the protection of citizens’ dignity, so that citizens against illegal intrusion, has the practical significance to maintain the normal social order. Accordingly, the two chapter of the civil rights chapter additional personal information protection clause, clearly stipulates that the natural person’s personal information protected by law. No organization or individual may illegally collect, use, process or transmit personal information, and may not provide, disclose or sell personal information illegally". Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: