In one hundred Hou town beautiful hometown tourism Sohu – land of idyllic beauty

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In one hundred Hou town beautiful hometown tourism Sohu – land of idyllic beauty of "World Hakka city" Meizhou Guangdong "The Belt and Road" is one of the important hub, had the honor to participate in organized by the "The Belt and Road" City Tourism Alliance "to find a way to travel along the miracle" travel Raiders contest MeiZhou Railway Station activities, came to Meizhou to explore the wonders of the Silk Road, found Meizhou legend. On the first day, the organizers took us to a quaint town. Read the introduction to know this, a combination of Chinese and foreign architectural features, has produced many miracles in history and legend. Here is one hundred Hou town. Not only has a "Chinese historical and cultural town with a great reputation or honor," Cultural Village "," overseas Chinese village "," village cadres". Aerial photography Nebula horizon of one hundred Hou town is located in the northeast of Guangdong mountains and rivers, is located in a "reputation of the World Hakka Shangri-La" Guangdong Meizhou Dapu county east of here, the original old saying "White House", after the local scholars of "white Yang Xu Hou jurisdiction, a hundred princes" meaning, "White House" proposal will be changed to "Bai Hou", "more talents". I do not know because got such an auspicious name, or Baihou is outstanding, from ancient to modern times, this flourishing style, talented people. Aerial photography Nebula horizon of one hundred Hou town since ancient times is a jewel in the Qing Dynasty, there passed 23 Jinshi, appointed academician 5 people, 134 people of the juren. From the widely circulated "Hanlin belly three" and "three", with seven generations of scholars "Quebec" allusions can be seen. In the modern here have out of 1 people, 4 people will be at least 6 people, and many local government leaders and literati. Photography photography Nebula Nebula Horizon Horizon Baihou is ancient dwellings in Dapu county a town most of the remaining quantity, the existing well preserved Ming and Qing Dynasties construction a total of more than and 120 seats in these ancient buildings, both official and merchant courtyard, have a unique style of both the original size of the ancestral hall; typical Hakka houses, and buildings the courtyard are also in the ocean. Zhao Qingtang, Sima, Tong Yi, Tai Fu Tai, the tiashidi, Shaw, the constitution of Yuanyang temple, ancestral hall, Yang KEISHI hall, Yu Lu, Haiyuan building, Yi Park are the prominent local representative of ancient dwellings, including "Zhaoqing hall" and "Tong Yi mansion" has been listed as the provincial cultural relics protection unit. Photography photography photography Nebula Nebula Nebula Horizon Horizon Horizon Zhao Qingtang, also called Xiuyan Jing Qing, founded in 1910, now has more than 90 years of history, built by Yang Yinheng’s 80 thousand guangyang. Zhao Qingtang is a Chinese and Western style building, subject to "Tang", "horizontal" combination of the mansion style bungalow for Hakka, Chinese architecture, close to the Chinese cottage is a western style back word structure of two stories. The architecture not only inherits the characteristics of Hakka folk houses, but also integrates the design of Western architecture. The house of Liang Zhu, brackets, firm structure, exquisite decoration, exquisite design, true to life with engeaved dragons and Phoenix, is a Hakka residential model, and as a finely crafted stereo screen, can be said to be the most beautiful ancient buildings baihou. Nebula nebula.相关的主题文章: