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Improve immunity, prevent colds baby baby snacks – this small snacks is the mother of Sohu with a treasure mother learn to do, it is said that the recent fire to try Oh, do it with the same taste really preserved but healthy many times, and it is using carrot as raw material is not very nutritious ~ carrots are rich in vitamin A can improve the immunity of the baby, can prevent colds Tonifying Liver eyesight, prevent constipation but many babies are not love eat if the carrot preserved or made of crisp dried fruit will easily capture the hearts and minds of the main small baby or even take the initiative to Oh baked dry carrot sweet potato chips are very delicious and easy than to solve the problem of the baby does not eat carrots but this Small dried carrot every day is best not to eat too much 6, about 7 almost Yo dry carrot recipe: carrot 220g, 5g sugar seasoning: no cooking methods: boiled, baked reference month more than 18 months: the degree of difficulty: no difficulty for the practice of tips: food allergy BABY * * 1 prepare ingredients: carrot 220g, sugar 5G. PS: rock sugar is optional and can taste the carrot Baoma sweetness before production, if itself is very sweet and would not need to add sugar. 2 peel the carrots and cut into thin slices. PS: try to keep the thickness of each slice roughly the same as when you cut the carrots, so you can avoid some carrots when you are baking. 3 like me, probably cut into a dollar coin thickness can be. Add 4 100ml of water in the pot, then add carrots and sugar, boil and then simmer. 5 during the use of a few more stirring spoon. 6 cook until the sauce is closed dry. PS: when the cook treasure mom must observe soup beside Oh, soup is very easy to cook, do not paste pot. 7 then remove the carrot slices, drain water. 8 tile in the inner layer of baking paper tray. 9 then place the carrot slices evenly on the baking paper. 10 preheat the oven for 10 minutes, then slice the carrots in the oven and bake for up to 120 minutes on the top and bottom for about 60 minutes. The cooking time is different, the taste is not the same, I baked 60 minutes, taste more like fruit; if you continue to bake for another 30 minutes, carrots will continue to be roasted dried carrot yo ~ PS: performance of each oven is not the same, the cooking time is different, but not too much heat, easy to burn and a little fire to roast. 11 to half of the time you can remove the surface. PS: in the baking of late, often treasure Mom look, don’t burn oh. 12 baked dry carrot and let cool, add food cans or food bags, baby Chanzui or go out with your baby can eat.相关的主题文章: