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HNTV "real man" Season 2 Heilongjiang shock first concept poster – Channel – original title: HNTV "real man" Season 2 shock first concept poster HNTV "real man" Season 2 shock first concept poster today, design posters and "real man" Season 2 flagship "air force" theme fit, clouds shrouded converging to the word "2016", the distant mountains, aircraft through the clouds, a "sky" lofty sentiments and aspirations. It is understood that, by the Chinese people’s Liberation Army Air Force Political Department Television Art Center and Hunan satellite TV joint production of the original large national defense education special program "real man" second season? Air force chapter will soon be released. The program chose 8 different male and female character label star, in-depth front-line troops in the various branches of the armed forces air force experience 5 times 3 days and 2 nights of real experience with the young barracks, soldiers ate together with training, see how they experience has become a real "air force fighter". "Real man" in the first season broadcast in Hunan satellite TV, the program pass camp valuable quality, reshape the heroic image, in the hearts of the masses planted a hero dream. The program not only opened the camp of mystery, to show the people’s Liberation Army China modern military and military style play, more in the program in the science of knowledge of national defense education, reflects the positive transfer of patriotic education and national defense education to the audience, netizens have also praised the show is the "burning" in the history of the program. The program is to help the national conscription career, the 2015 annual national recruitment of about 4700000 people, representing an increase of 25%, of which 30% college students enrollment growth, greatly enhance the quality of manpower proportion. Many recruits said they were influenced by "real man" and came to join the army. From last year to this year’s Fengyi Zhang Baoqiang Wang Yang Misun Yang, "real man" program selected guests are positive energy image of the artist’s health, dare to challenge their own Yang Mi have good performance in all aspects, and the soldier from childhood dream of Liyan Tong this time is a huge burst of energy, Sun Yang will be the Olympic Games champion style water into the barracks, domineering him on land performance is surprising, as an boy Huang Zitao, as Jiang Jinfu’s fitness, courteous and accessible village Li Rui, hard Shen Mengchen, Zhang Yong blueheart proud legs not only combat burst table in the program, there are also people surprises and unexpected performance. According to reports, "real man" during the second season, eight guests every day in a variety of training in the army, will experience numerous test and assessment, we are able to endure hardship, and very hard, every Air Force recruits is the performance of loop point. However, the program group said that the specific details and content is now not convenient to disclose, please look forward to broadcast Hunan TV "real man" in the second quarter. (commissioning editor Li Zhongshuang and Ding Yang)

湖南卫视《真正男子汉》第二季概念海报震撼首发–黑龙江频道–人民网 原标题:湖南卫视《真正男子汉》第二季概念海报震撼首发   湖南卫视《真正男子汉》第二季概念海报今天震撼首发,海报的设计理念与《真正男子汉》第二季主打的“空军”主题相契合,云朵缭绕汇聚成“2016”的字样,远处山峦绵延,战斗机穿越云层,蕴含着“直冲云霄”的豪情壮志。   据了解,由中国人民解放军空军政治部电视艺术中心和湖南卫视联合制作的原创大型国防教育特别节目《真正男子汉》第二季?空军篇即将热血上映。节目挑选了8位性格标签各异的男女明星,深入一线部队,在空军的各个兵种经历5次3天2晚的真实军营体验,与年轻的部队战士同吃同住同训练,看他们是如何历练成为一名真正的“空军战士”。   《真正男子汉》第一季在湖南卫视播出后,节目传递军营可贵品质,重塑英雄形象,在大众心中种下英雄梦。节目不仅揭开了军营神秘的面纱,展现了中国人民解放军的现代军事力量和军人的气概担当,更在节目中科普了国防教育知识,体现了向观众传递爱国教育与国防教育的积极意义,网友们也纷纷称赞该节目是史上最“燃”节目。节目还助力国家征兵事业,2015年度全国征兵470多万人,较去年增长25%,其中大学生报名增长30%,大学生优质兵源比例大幅度提升。不少新兵表示是受《真正男子汉》影响前来参军。   从去年的张丰毅王宝强到今年的杨幂孙杨,《真正男子汉》节目所选择的嘉宾都是形象健康的正能量艺人,敢于挑战自己的杨幂在各方面都有不俗的表现,而从小就有军人梦想的佟丽娅这一次也爆发出巨大的能量,孙杨将奥运冠军的风采带入军营,水中霸气十足的他,在陆地上的表现也让人意外,而耿直boy黄子韬,体能担当蒋劲夫,和蔼可亲的“村长”李锐,努力上进的沈梦辰,拥有傲人长腿的张蓝心不仅战斗力爆表,在节目中也有让人惊喜不断,意外连连的表现。据介绍,《真正男子汉》第二季拍摄期间,八位嘉宾每天在部队参加着各种各样的训练,也会经历无数大大小小的测验和考核,大家都很能吃苦,并且十分的努力,每一位空军新兵的表现也是可圈可点。不过节目组表示,具体的细节和内容现在还不方便透露,敬请大家期待将要播出的湖南卫视《真正男子汉》第二季。 (责编:李忠双、丁洋)相关的主题文章: