Hunan province to promote the integrity of the Provincial Department of Education issued ten ban-gamelink

Hunan advocate honest holidays the Provincial Education Department issued a "ten prohibitions" (original title: clean the holidays, the Provincial Education Department issued the "ten prohibitions") newspaper news September 14th mid autumn day is approaching, to clean the holidays, the Education Department of Hunan Province recently issued "on the job during the mid autumn day to correct the four winds special supervision and inspection work notice", requires all colleges and universities, the units organized during the festival to carry out the correct four winds special supervision and inspection. The "Circular" announced the Provincial Department of education "ten prohibitions", including non hall and units directly under the party and government organs directly in charge of personnel, finance and engineering projects; prohibit accepting illegal gifts, securities, payment vouchers and commercial prepaid cards and other belongings; non-compliance to schools, teaching staff and other service objects and apportion charge; non violation of intervention and meddling in the subordinate units, personnel recruitment, enrollment, professional titles, project review and so on; non payment of allowances, subsidies and bonuses in violation of the provisions; or prohibited paid labor in the subordinate units and society association, etc.. (Sanxiang reporter Huang Jing)相关的主题文章: