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Huimin funds chaos: the declaration of village cadres conjuring money out of thin air that the problem leads 432 thousand, involving 602 million yuan of illegal funds; the total number of fish do not conform with the policy to receive subsidies of 317406 people, involving 59209 cadres…… From April to August this year, the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the province from 2014 to 2015, the use of large data on returning farmland to forests, rural residents, rural reconstruction and other 8 Huimin policy implementation supervision and inspection, dealt with a number of false impersonator problem. Why Huimin funds to become a monk meat? What are the problems in the process of declaration and payment? The "Economic Information Daily" reporters around the number of returning farmland to forest grant funds issued a typical case of chaos tracking. Reporter correspondent Liu Ziling Liang Jianqiang reported in Wuhan reached a "consensus" to make money "village cadres false of returning farmland to forest area taking subsidy funds, their annual subsidy is much higher than ordinary people, hope discipline check." A letter sent to real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing, Western Hubei Province, County Commission for Discipline inspection. In accordance with the cadre management authority, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection immediately instructed the Town Commission for discipline inspection organization investigation and verification. During the investigation and verification of the working group, as people continue to receive reports from the masses of the problem of returning farmland to forests, in August 2011, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Town Commission for Discipline Inspection set up a joint investigation team to investigate the problem of the masses. Three village cadres see false impersonator subsidy payment behavior is brought to light, explain the problem to the working group. It turned out that in November 2002, the village began to fill the area of returning farmland to forest, the former village Party branch secretary, village committee, village committee members to assist the town government registration and distribution. The village declared an area of more than and 800 acres of cultivated land, in the allocation of households to the remaining area of the total area of 282.5 acres. Village collective left more than and 200 acres, as we made a total of a few households in each of the roster reported up, you can get a point subsidy three!" Knowing the consequences of doing so will discipline contact method, but three people still reach a "Changqing consensus": three people go out on behalf of personnel, personnel or unable to contact the deceased members of my family in the village, made up out of thin air returning farmland to forest contract area registration form, to the household roster submitted, to prepare to receive subsidies for. So, from 2003 to 2010, three people take the false impersonator, partnership countries taking subsidy funds 174210 yuan. In view of alleged serious violation, three people were free. Because three people taking benefits of returning farmland to forest amount is larger, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection decided to transfer the case to the procuratorial organs according to law, the county three people suspected of crimes. A set of village cadres false money trick is not isolated cases of Huimin subsidies impersonator. Luotian County town of Kuang Chong Zou former village Party branch secretary and village committee director Zhang Yiping, since 2004 10 years, alone or together with Zuo Ziqiang, deputy director of the village committee member and member of the Zhou Rongzhen village women accounted for, by means of false, impersonator, defrauding, misappropriation of state subsidies, returning farmland to forest collective ecological forest subsidies such funds totaling 92563.27 yuan, of which 43055.51 yuan Zhang Yi split, 7 left self-improvement相关的主题文章: