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.puters-and-Technology Before beginning to create your Iphone app you will need a vision for what it will be. How you can find these ideas and spur on the creative process will be covered in this article. When you know the type of app you would like to develop ask people you know if they will answer a few questions. Ask them what kind of app they would like to use in the area in which you are trying to develop one. Ask them to make believe that have just bought this new app and now ask them what does it look like? What are its features? What are the advantages of using it? How would you use it? Help you interviewees along but do not dominate them in the conversation allow them to speak their minds. Do not discount any information they provide even if it does not seem immediately useful. Try to make a written list or a mind map of your ideas . To get yourself started here a few tips. Do some research. Once you have an area you are interested in working, study this area. Find out the history and record any insights you gain. Next allow yourself time to relax and daydream. You don’t need to be constantly forcing the process. Imagine yourself using an app, how would you do so. Here is another idea. Find an app that is similar to the one you would design. Next find one in an area that is .pletely different, but which you admire Now .bine the two apps and ask yourself what you would have. Another idea is just to improve upon an existing app. Rather than trying to create something .pletely new just look at what already exists and try and make it better. Find what you consider the worst app in the category you are looking at Look and see what are the weaknesses of this app? Are there any existing apps that already over.e these problems? Next look at the strongest app in the category. What are its strengths. Now by .bing the features of the strongest app without any of the problems of the weak app you should have the best possible app. These are some ideas to get you started with developing ideas for your apps. Leave yourself open to experimentation and don’t to record your ideas. How you will execute these ideas is up to you. If you are technically proficient you can do the programming yourself. If not though it is still possible to create your app. Many people these days are turning to outsourcing and this can be a highly effective way to bring your app to market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: