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How to avoid the "grandparent" brought disadvantages? Here is a day – Sohu maternal parenting children’s EQ trainer and the psychology platform for you to push the mother to build the science and landing the "top" we please parenting that how can I directly say journey Pu Shu – I’m going to 2000 to avoid the "grandparent" brings disadvantages? The | leaves Zhuangtu | petals I think I must remind is, "the biggest disadvantage of inter generational parenting" brings is not reflected in the child’s body, but also the relationship between family members. After all, from a certain point of view, the negative impact on the child’s grandparents rearing itself, not more than the inter generational parenting family conflicts and negative effects on children more — it was neglected by many people, but we must admit that this kind of thing in many by grandpa’s grandmother, grandmother Grandpa tending grandchildren grandchildren play in the family. I do not deny that the hearts of many parents and baby than the big idea, I just want you to further understand the inter generational parenting may damage and not just children, there may be harm to the elderly, children, daughter-in-law, son-in-law. In my side, only because of the dispute on the diaper diaper to the mother-in-law and almost, but also because of the problem of sending their children to kindergarten amphitropous wengxu gap, and in order to let the children stay at home parent — coerced children and sarcasm each other such generational rearing in their own home, don’t just hurt children? Born, home grown in size how to say, is a big wedding, a family of six people raise a child, and is the biggest difficulty raising not how to do, the biggest difficulty is not to do a wedding is a bad thing, the child is plump, a son the United States and the United States no longer. Fortunately, as long as more attention, this problem can be avoided to a certain extent. Behavior should be from the care of the child, rather than from the interpretation of the role of self. Let’s get or use] diapers diapers about it, it is easy to induce between grandparents and parents differences. At this time, the child’s parents are likely to make such a voice: "this is my child, I should have the final say." And the child’s grandparents will have such a voice: I was raised in the year you are raised, you are still a child you know what, we are pulling the child." Take a serious look at the expression of these two attitudes, and you will find nothing to do with the diapers, the children themselves. Why is this love logic to show their identity, it will improve the contradictions caused by the possible. In the process of parenting, whether it is the level at which the elders should not only explain their grandparents or from the perspective of the role of mom and dad to care, but should allow more down to earth, landing in the child first demand point. In fact, this is another point on the affection, the gift." Think about what you can’t do in your character,相关的主题文章: