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This is the second part of a two part article Applying NLP on your auction description Using NLP on ebay can be very effective however as with all things, you should use some .mon sense and not overdo it. When you write your NLP laced ad description, formulate a plan. The following is an example of the order of operation. 1) Elicit Values Eliciting Values simply means putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and find out their needs and wants. Know your target market. Some of the questions you can ask yourself are: – What do they want? – What do they like? – What are they afraid of? – Can my product or service fulfill that need? – How much would they pay for much a service or product? Some of the answers to the questions above are already there on ebay market research section. Use ebay pulse to find out what they want. Check the .pleted items on the average selling price of your product or service. 2) Set up mental states, bind them linking to your product or service I have already mentioned this in the first part of my article. It is called Thought Binding. Since I already talked about it, I shall not go into detail here. Essentially, it is about building a chain of states, with the first link being the current state they are in now to the final state you want them in. For example, they are in a state of indifference about buying your product. That is the first state. The final state is you want them to be drooling about your product and whipping out their credit card to buy after reading your auction description. Using curiosity, intrigue or just paint a picture in their minds how they will benefit by using your product. 3) Presuppositions – Influence the buying decision with ‘trick’ questions Presuppositions can be used in ordinary sentences to help someone decide or rather decide for them indirectly. A presupposition is a question in which a person is choosing the path you indirectly set for them. So, in a sense you are not giving them a chance to say yes or no to your product. One example is the following sentence "You won’t the most out of the product just reading about it, since the best way is to experience it yourself" Another example: "Won’t it be great after you get (your product) and you can experience for yourself what it can do for you? Then you can just look back, smile that smile of satisfaction and wondered why you hadn’t got it sooner" 4) Binder .mands Binder .mands or subliminal messages/.mand is the one of the most sneaky facets of NLP. An example is "When you buy (your product) by today, you will also get X amount dollars worth of products free to the first 50 people" The binder .mand is Get It Now. The above order of operation is only an example and may vary from case to case. In most cases, you may need to change the order depending on your product or service. The 5 Inclusive Essentials Of Real Estate Software Solutions By: Steve – In an era when any and everything is connected, it is hard to imagine a business without a digital presence. Businesses either are realigning their current services with the latest technology trends or are .pletely overhauling their existing business processes … Tags: Auction Your Products Online By: marty ron – Buying and selling products on bidding websites can be fun and rewarding at the same time. Choose the best websites to buy or sell the products you need. Auctions demand your attention and time and if you can devote both winning bid is guaranteed. 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