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Self-Improvement We tend to have concepts about what a spiritual experience is and we tend to screen out everything that doesnt fit exactly in to that framework. If something outside that framework happens we tend to almost ignore and forget about it. The thing that makes me a little sad sometimes here is that some people actually feel bad because they try so hard and are not getting what they expected, when in fact they are successful but are just not seeing it. The users of the Bliss coded sounds are often spiritual seekers of some kind and are hungry to experience something of a spiritual nature. But we tend to read too many books and texts about this subject. We know so much about meditation techniques, yoga paths, gurus, enlightenment, samadhi states, brainwaves, astral projection, new age, deeksha, reiki etc etc, that we forget that we do not truly know anything that we have not experienced personally. Why do we read so much about something that must be experienced to be understood? Because the mind is there for one reason: To keep us looking, analyzing and thinking. We need the mind, but it has too much control over most people, including me. There is not much we can really do about that more than being aware of it because it will probably be like this until enlightenment. The mind can never really attain anything. That is why we search and search. Who am I? Maybe you have heard wise people say You can not get enlightened because there is no one to get enlightened. What are they talking about?? To understand that you simply have to ask yourself: Who am I?. If that is hard, try Who am I not? and remove one thing at a time. Example: I am not my name, job, body, thoughts, emotions. I am not my mind. Why would I say MY mind if I am the mind? So who is searching for this enlightenment? The mind! And the mind is not you. When people say You can not get enlightened because there is no one to get enlightened they are referring to the you who is searching. The mind is searching. But the mind is a function. A tool that can never get enlightened, because enlightenment is freedom from the mind. On the other hand we need some direction in life by the help of the mind, but we should use the mind and not the other way around. How the mind keeps you unsatisfied When you are meditating and something happens the mind will immediately step in and .pare your experience with what you have read in books, seen on youtube, heard on TV etc and in the same second it is lost. When this keeps happening we get frustrated and try to control our thoughts even more to get them to stop somehow. But you cant. Thoughts can not be stopped by thoughts. The energy we give the thoughts is what keeps them going. Try not feeding them. Get tired of them, dont trust them, in such a way that you give them no energy and just see them .e and go like the words from a person you do not trust at all. Yea yea, Ive heard your rambling for all these years now, and Im tired of it! . Not in an angry way though. Just in a friendly objective way. It is a funny way to look at it, but it works for many people who have a hard time relaxing in meditation. Of course this is a tool to use in meditation. You may actually need your thoughts in every day life, depending in what you do. You are not alone I felt theres a need for this subject to be brought up because most people think that they are strange in some way because they have problems with thoughts or an over-active mind that wont let them reach a meditative state at will. Let me tell you something: most people do not share such things with others at all, ever, and also most people only have a few minutes of successful meditation if they try for one hour. Because they are afraid of what people might think about them, they dont talk about it. Instead they do things like looking for help on the internet or sending an email to someone to ask for advice. I get these kinds of emails some times so I know. Even if Im not a teacher or guru in any way, I do what I can and this is one way of helping. If people only knew how many people feel exactly the same kind of problems as themselves. But since nobody talks about it people go around thinking they are strange in some way and this keeps them even more silent. Most people wouldnt even open up if you asked them in person. The mind .pares yourself to how you THINK other people are. The thing that makes most people normal is that they think they are not normal. So relax. Its a very human thing. With this text I want people to be.e more aware about the tricks of the mind. Not a single minute of meditation is a waste. Every second gives you experience in some way. You should value this. There really is no failure because without it there would be no success. And what you might think is failure must be .pared to what you are expecting. If you are not expecting anything special, its very hard to fail. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: