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How is varicocele treated, listen to expert how to say? Mother and child varicocele is one of the common clinical diseases of male patients, can cause testicular pain discomfort, infertility, testicular atrophy, especially the impact of fertility, widespread concern. A case for a male infertility patients for many years, around the doctor to no avail, then our hospital, after treatment with varicocele, accompanied by severe abnormal sperm, suggestions of surgical treatment for patients with varicocele or choose to give up treatment after IVF, to select patients after surgical treatment, the normal semen has begun prepare natural fertility. 21 cases of patients with varicocele for infertile patients who received multiple IVF pregnancy treatment, but because of poor sperm quality, but not pregnant, later accepted varicocele surgery, has natural fertility. What is varicocele? In the summer, some men will find their testicles a high low, low side of the testicles, and sometimes like a pendulum, hanging there is very uncomfortable. Some men can sometimes see the scrotal skin, appear like earthworms as winding vessels. Sometimes, standing for a long time, but also feel the side of the scrotum there is swelling discomfort feeling, perhaps this time, you go to the hospital for examination, the doctor will tell you, suffering from varicocele. Varicocele is a vascular disease, is blocked because of internal spermatic vein reflux, and spermatic vein began tortuous expansion, will eventually lead to the scrotum temperature, destroy the living environment caused by sperm, sperm quality, testis function decline. Most sperm in such an environment, the ability to exercise, no physical strength to complete the task of finding this marathon marathon. Varicocele patients can feel or see the scrotum swelling blood vessels such as earthworms, medicine called "the bag in the bag of worms, patients will feel testicular pain or groin pain and abdominal symptoms of long standing or exertion is very obvious, but on the swelling after vascular will automatically disappear. Varicocele can cause pain discomfort and progressive decline in testicular function, is one of the common causes of male infertility. More common in the left side, accounting for 77% to 92%, bilateral was 10%, simple rare on the right side of the 1%. Two, the relationship between varicocele and the birth of a varicocele and fertility has been recognized as a palpable varicocele can affect fertility, which is one of the main causes of male infertility. There are literature statistics, in adult male about 40% of primary infertility and secondary infertility patients with varicocele (80%). The factors that affect the fertility of varicocele are pathological changes and immunological factors. Found that the pathological changes of testis and epididymis, spermatic vein in 1 internal spermatic vein lesions, vascular endothelial cell degeneration, intimal hyperplasia, smooth muscle hypertrophy and membrane valve valve serious machine, thereby causing blood stasis. Pathological changes of testicular injury, spermatogenic cell detachment, interstitial edema, interstitial small vessel disease. Pathological changes of epididymis, interstitial edema, epithelial cell degeneration, and the arrangement of brush border on the surface of epithelial cells. .相关的主题文章: