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How big is the wind more dry? Learn to "Niu Er moisturizing method", but the skin tender so! [Reuters] – Sohu bazaar at autumn skin into "dry areas"? Don’t worry, we have a special cow beauty expert "old" is actually from last week, there are a lot of fans to the account Ba sister, let me start to talk about the summer season, when skin surgery, most of this problem is the dry skin, moisturizing suck, dry skin after makeup is not good, So Pattaya, sister specially invited experts to solve these problems one by one to you immediately! Micro-blog: @ Niu Er haha! That’s right. The beauty expert is Niu er! If you want to ask who is Mr. Niu Er, then you may be a juvenile, after all which girls have not seen his beauty program, which the girls not grilled his beauty book, which he tried to teach the goddess of skin occult, so I don’t talk nonsense, I take the time to ask questions! Use only 8 questions to get through your entire fall! Barbara: sister said autumn, the skin to maintain moisture replenishment to the skin will dry, then why? Is it because of the weather or the decline of its own moisturizing function? In the end what is the reason? Niu Er: normal skin stratum corneum water content should be between 20 ~ 35%, if the moisture content is less than 10%, the skin will appear dry, fine lines, dark, and even peeling state. Healthy and normal skin, the skin surface will have a thin layer of natural lipids, with a natural moisturizing effect, so that the skin remain soft and elastic. However, as the weather changes, the external environment and the maintenance of your habits, lifestyle, all can lead to dry, in autumn, the temperature drop from the summer high temperature quickly dropped to forty degrees, 20 degrees in the autumn, the skin will naturally have a seasonal conversion, automatic defense mechanism, dry conditions will naturally come out also, give you a warning, to tell you the moisture! Of course, if you are born with a dry muscle, regardless of the seasons, the skin will have a dry state, but will vary according to the extent of the season. Barbara: now says his sister moisturizing products, what are the ingredients or method is really effective to do skin moisturizing? What are the effective moisturizing ingredients? Niu Er: I think basically ingredients moisturizing products are similar, most like hyaluronic acid, glycerol and urea are very good moisturizers, I also recommend structural lipid content (such as: ceramide, also called molecular tincture, ceramide), we can pay attention to this moisturizing ingredients, whether add in you the product. However, the way of moisturizing skin must basically be able to absorb, how to make the skin a good absorption of skin care products? The key is in the stratum corneum barrier to your health, let corneous layer, between cells arranged regularly, then you rub skin care products to eat in, when you find yourself like a long time not exfoliating, or how to maintain no absorption feeling, as two weeks to once a horny, can help stagnant skincare penetration. Barbara sister: replenishment insurance.相关的主题文章: