Hot deformation meter Ying ending decryption type definition of youth Mala (video)

"Hot deformation meter" Ying ending decryption type definition deformeter _41 > spicy spicy youth; > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "hot deformation meter" perfect world entertainment news by Tencent produced by Limited by Share Ltd, perfect world Jiang’s studio exclusive original production, He Jing served as executive producer of the total publisher, producer Wu Yujiang, Yuan Xiaoman’s bodyguard drama "hot deformation meter" on September 4th officially ending. Since the show since August 10th, landing in Hunan TV crisis and video Tencent, 52 city network ratings up to 1.523, the audience share reached 4.559; national network ratings often broken 3, nearly 10 of the audience share, the network playback volume has nearly 7 billion ending as Eve, not only with high ratings from off screen Title in 2016 August before the TV evening shift the ratings of the top ten play list, in reality caused by "spicy hot topic of youth" debate. The play off small, Liang Dawei and the young dreamer sweat, blood fighting bodyguard experience in the projection of the hearts of young people about the youth’s ideal, inspired countless young once or are confused heart. The drama theme and the growth of the youth occupation bodyguard mode localization success grafting, will also be the domestic drama type perfect equation shows further crack, wonderful resonance of positive energy of youth and the type of narrative. A type of narrative "hot deformation meter" as China’s first by the bodyguard industry as the starting point, the present young people dream about the growth of the blood of Youth Innovation in the conception of urban drama, at the same time, but also challenges the new mode of TV drama genre. The play will be the introduction of the screen with the bodyguard bodyguard occupation, the unique occupation of mystery and legend, the audience had high expectations, also makes the story of inherent various types of related elements and the bodyguard. But the particularity of its industry to play a very highdemands in the story, not only will the bodyguard dangerous and mysterious characteristic industry cleverly grasp, but also to ensure that the relationship between the characters and the plot to high density organic combination, to avoid the industry to become pure background, cause the type of common story line, the characters actually each acts in his own way. "Hot deformation meter" clever "deformation" through this process, accurate positioning in the story of youth growth and wonderful collision in the process of occupation and the bodyguard. The writer chose to close the small growth trajectory and Liang Dawei, several groups of young people as a clue, the bodyguard this mystery industry details, through sports, training, combat layers which will lay out one by one, the relationship between characters and their hidden history, vision, knot, into which the the development of a series of conflicts and resolve. In the process of narrative, the high density narrative and the strong plot, and the development and change of the relationship between the characters of mutual integration, coordinate each other rhythm, the formation of harmonious sonata. On the way the excitement of the practice of the bodyguard, a youth blood inspirational dream, also a suspenseful game with passion rattling schemes and intrigues, and more karma of sincere friendship. The ethical relationship between human relations and the pattern of youth growth.相关的主题文章: