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Communications Conducting a high profile corporate meeting is on the top of the list of agendas of any business organisation. Hong Kong based firms that host events attended by CXOs, investors and stakeholders need a professionally managed platform that allows them to focus on the issues at hand, while a moderator handles all the event management aspects. They can opt for operator assisted event conferencing solutions that have a host of features which can prove to be instrumental for the success of such a virtual event . With such remote multi-point conferencing solutions, companies can host Investor Relations calls, presentations, keynote speeches, brainstorming sessions, training programmes, product launches, software demonstrations and company-wide communications. The unique feature of operator attended conferencing solutions is that the whole event is supervised by a personnel designated to the customer by the service provider. For example, Arkadin Event is accompanied by a dedicated Event Manager for each client, who is responsible for hosting the event on the host’s behalf. The company-designated personnel handle the event and perform various activities, like scheduling the meeting, getting verifications, announcing introductions and managing participant interaction sessions. They also provide the clients with the post-event review, participant attentiveness reports and recordings of the sessions. As part of their pre-call activities, they set up the event, create the customised forms, and send invitations and reminders to the prospective participants. They compile the list of final attendees and customise the layout to put all the requisite features within easy reach of the users., The Event Managers will also sift through the details provided by the clients to compile valuable information about the participants. This can be particularly useful while hosting virtual product demonstrations and trade shows as a lead generation strategy. They can also customise the solution upon the request of the customers, wherein the hold music and other features are chosen by the clients. The Event Managers are present throughout the virtual conference to provide continuous support to the clients. At the start of the meeting, they will announce the names of the attendees and the speaker. They will make the introductions and announce the topic of discussion. They help to provide the speakers with the platform for the Q&A session for the event and send the recording of the event to the host. These Event Managers focus on the individual, industry-specific virtual conferencing requirements of the clients and easily identify the errors and issues that may hamper the overall user experience. For companies that conduct such operator assisted conference calls for high profile events on a regular basis, high costs may emerge as a major issue. However, they can opt for hosted solutions that are based on the Software-as-a-Service or SaaS model. This model is based on the basis of usage of data, which proves to be beneficial for small companies or high volume users. It is without a doubt that a hosted operator assisted event is ideal for hosting high profile online meetings in the virtual space. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: