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The home appliance industry to play live network red   cannot value — home — people.com.cn in recent years by Yan, along with the development of broadcast platform, more and more appliances conference began to invite "net red" for the entire broadcast, to expand the propaganda. I have repeatedly on the home electricity supplier conference, saw dozens of net red live. "Red" heavy makeup, with a self timer pole changing the angle and fans exchange. In the live broadcast, net red to the enterprise’s activities as the background of the scene, the interpretation of enterprise products, and sometimes there are dozens of net red at the same time to say the same ad, to achieve the purpose of publicity. Red net broadcast as a new marketing play, its tentacles are extended into the home appliance industry. However, the network will be broadcast live red new products? From the point of view of the audience, the audience watching the webcast live mostly 80, 90 young groups. Young people like new things, the ability to accept new things, but also more vulnerable to the impact of live. Therefore, the network is indeed a red broadcast to the enterprise’s new conference brings a certain effect of communication. The home appliance product launches, red net anchor with the fan base, through the broadcast, can give new products bring a certain amount of exposure; in addition, the live process, through the barrage, anchor can effectively interact with the audience, and to broadcast live with lens form, show press conference and product details. "Red" gives people the feeling is awl face sharp nose, by Yan value and sell adorable skills rose pink. And in recent years there have been red net anchor suspected pornographic live, so some people questioned the network will live with the original red formal conference style is not consistent? Will damage the corporate brand image? The author believes that the development of household electrical appliance industry is not optimistic about the current situation, the increasingly fierce competition between home appliance brands. How to make the product quickly so that the vast number of consumers are familiar with the use of the network may be a fresh red broadcast, a variety of marketing tools. And the gradual emergence of the market network red economy, the network is moving forward the direction of standardization of red development. However, I still have to live on the "Yan pointed out that the value of the Red Net + show off", despite the rapid development, but the content of vulgar boring, the future will be difficult to live for a long time. Only the output of good content, in order to "net red" in the field of sustainable development. (Information Times reporter Liu Li Intern Liang Shuqing) (commissioning editor Bi Lei and Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: