Henan night to a critically ill children Chinese doctors in Wuhan escort treatment govos

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Henan Han Lu a critically ill children night treatment Wuhan doctor escort map: Xinyang ambulance arrived in Wuhan 4.5 hours, 3 experts from the Henan children’s Hospital of Wuhan city night escorted to Wuhan for treatment of critically ill newborns, yesterday, 10 days after birth the baby Henan Shin finally improved, father gratefully hold the doctor’s hand and said: "this thanks to you all the way." On October 29th, Showtime in the first people’s Hospital of Xinyang City, Henan Province, was born, birth body bruising, with severe ischemia and hypoxia, and abnormal coagulation function. Wuhan children’s hospital neonatal experts rushed to Xinyang, after symptomatic treatment has improved. Unexpectedly, November 4th, Xinxin condition deteriorated again, abdominal bulge like balloons, non-stop to spit out the water. Wuhan children’s Hospital experts rushed to Xinyang, after an assessment that the child is likely to be necrotizing enterocolitis, life-threatening. "For the Showtime safe transport, we think the three transport plan." Director of the medical department of Wuhan city children’s Hospital neurology experts Mao Bing introduced, one is to let the ambulance transport special newborn children’s Hospital of Wuhan City, from Wuhan to Xinyang city in Henan Province, the child received in Wuhan. The child is full strength escort transport equipment, weaknesses is time-consuming, and dark traffic unsafe, so give up the plan. Second schemes, take the high-speed rail to Wuhan, only one hour drive, but high iron does not have the relevant monitoring facilities, the child is too small, too ill, once on the way to the emergency treatment, also had to give up. Consider again and again, the experts agreed that the third program, hire local ambulance transport. In order to ensure children’s safety on the road, Wuhan three medical staff with the Showtime ride together an ambulance escorted her to Wuhan. Adult ambulance not be put into the warm box, Showtime can only lie in bed, the bed is very short hair, ice full squat on the child’s side, close monitoring of vital signs of children. Wang Bo, head nurse and deputy director of neonatal medicine, Dr. Zheng Jun kept in the side of the child. On the way, Showtime appeared two times of shortness of breath, waited at the side of the medical staff have a timely symptomatic treatment, all through showtime. Xinxin after more than 4 hours of transport, 22:50 on November 4th arrived in Wuhan city children’s Hospital, receiving treatment in pediatrics.相关的主题文章: