Henan in the history of the most stringent adult entrance exams in October 24 hour monitoring – Sohu-didadi

Henan in the history of the most stringent adult entrance exams in October 24 – hour monitoring into the Washington Sohu news papers room 24 hours of video monitoring; the exam in the standardized test sites, no network monitoring shall arrange the examination before admission; metal detection, fingerprint and photograph "dual", into the punishment of cheating…… At the end of October, our province will be held in 2016 in the history of the most stringent adult college entrance examination. Zhengzhou evening news reporter Zhang Jing? The top secret papers, room 24 hours video monitoring for the national examination papers by the Ministry of education examination center unified life system. Use before the end of the test (including subtitle), answer and score reference for confidential matters. Paper storage and distribution sites to install multiple cameras, a full range, no dead end surveillance video. Paper into the security room after the implementation of 24 hours of video surveillance, security room online inspections, video playback timing checks, random checks on duty. The approach to use metal detectors to check all the exam should be arranged in the national education examination test standardization. Candidates entering the required by the two generation ID card, ticket, room seating chart and the examinee "four control" check. During the examination, the implementation of all standardized examination network monitoring, no networking examination room shall not arrange for the examination. The implementation of the fingerprint and photograph the candidates for admission "double" comparison; mobile phone signal shielding covers all rooms; are to use metal detectors to check the candidates, examiners and other staff of the examination before entering the examination room, mobile phone and other illegal items shall not be brought into the examination room. All the test sites are to arrange for police or soldiers to participate in the maintenance of the order of the exam. Strict admissions than strokes, cheating or punishment will strictly enforce the admissions policy of organization, sale, sale of cheating cheating equipment, training exam cheating and help cheating suspected of a crime, will be held liable.相关的主题文章: