Hebei corruption small official rural cadres accounted for 70% of the short board of supervision of yvette yates

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Hebei corruption "small government" rural village cadres accounted for 70% exposed regulatory short board – Beijing September 14, 2015 in Daxinzhuang town of Dingzhou city in Hebei Province Quan Qiu village, a shirtless man opened its own house, throw a bucket of water to the soil on the road in front of the. It is incredible that this simple act is a landmark in the local. Once, the monopoly of the original water to the village of the village director Meng Lingfen in order to save money, even though the dust on the street again, but also to allow villagers to splash the streets. In August this year, Dingzhou City People’s Court of affray, intentional destruction of property, embezzlement and other 7 charges, sentenced Meng Lingfen to 20 years imprisonment, fined 155 thousand yuan. The director of the village women’s rampant domineering arrested, because the reporter received reports of villagers to the village to interview, Meng Lingfen unexpectedly beaten with villagers and caused a reporter. After this exposure, Meng Lingfen was suspended, then pull it since 2012, a series of criminal behavior. "If it was not for the media to be beaten by the media exposure, when the village director’s evil can be hit?" After Meng Lingfen was arrested, many netizens issued such comments. In fact, due to the current problems of rural cadres supervision mechanism is not perfect, the management is not standardized, inadequate supervision, departments at all levels for village cadres crimes problems in time, to a certain extent. These problems of village cadres corruption and criminal behavior. The director of the village are rampant illegal in July 25, 2015, when Dingzhou City Qiu village director Meng Lingfen to the villagers Meng Fanying did not pay the land contracting fee on the grounds, will Meng Fanying planted Fatong seedlings, 100 square meters of Hosta seedlings destroyed shovel. Meng Fanying calls the Hebei TV station of a farmers’ rights section to the section reporter, reporters and camera driver 3 people came to the spring to Meng Fanying Qiu village, in the finished recording like after going to the village Party branch secretary, but the results of Meng Lingfen with people stopped, the reporter’s mobile phone was snatched meng. When the reporter arrived at the Daxinzhuang town government to wait for the results, Meng Lingfen and a group of people rushed to the town government, and it continued to beat reporters, pesticide to reporters. A village director actually made such a crazy behavior, beating reporters after the incident was exposed, quickly led to public concern. Subsequently, the Daxinzhuang town of Dingzhou City Party committee suspended reflection decision for Meng Lingfen, Dingzhou city public security organs rapid investigation. In August 31st of that year, Meng Lingfen and other major criminal suspects were arrested by public security organs in Dingzhou city. Police investigation found that the name of the 49 year old woman in the village director also involves a number of cases of illegal and criminal cases. The "Legal Daily" reporter from the Hebei Provincial Public Security Bureau was informed that, since 2012, the village cadres Meng Lingfen Quan Qiu identity, the husband, son, brother, nephew and other family members, and gathered the social workers, the use of violence and intimidation, to cause trouble, destruction of production and operation, deforestation, illegal occupation, blackmail and impose exactions on agricultural land, fraud, embezzlement and other criminal activities, and gradually formed a Meng Lingfen led to criminal gangs, rampant, Peng.相关的主题文章: