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Health care should be autumn. Sooner or later "porridge" to Sohu healthy dry autumn, temperature gradually, early late congee, warm soft intestinal stomach, lungs stop dryness. The Ming Dynasty physicians Li Ting said: cover the morning eat porridge, weeding through the old to new, diaphragmatic nourishing the stomach, body fluid, it is refreshing day, not patch. The Song Dynasty poet Lu You said: "eat porridge" world each school years, not long before. I have to wanqiu plain, only porridge with a past. "With the frequency of eating spectrum," the porridge as the "world’s first supplement to the people," in order to replace ginseng soup. Cao Tingdong, a scholar in the Qing Dynasty, emphasized the benefits of porridge for the elderly in the old and the old words. The elderly to eclipse porridge, regardless of meal, hunger and eat, can also enjoy the birthday healthy. Porridge is an essential ingredient in autumn diet. So, autumn porridge should pay attention to what? First Rice said harvest rice, new Valley, brown rice is preferred. Whole grain brown rice except outside the outer casing are reserved, although the taste is thick, cook more time-consuming, but its nutritional value is high rice several times. The meters, the most easy to use rice, "rice materia Sutra" known as the "grain of the long, people should also rely on life." The rice in the "Treatise on" and other books in Cuba also added different intention. Barley, Chinese medicine called "coix seed", "Shen Nong’s herbal classic" will be listed as the top grade, the ancients used to worship. "Materia medica of righteousness" said: "barley, sweet and clear in turbid, can the spleen yin Dayi stomach". Modern research is considered beneficial skin fitness and anti-cancer. Auxiliary products in the porridge, add pears, radish, sesame, chrysanthemum, the effect is better. Pear is mince the cases, lungs, phlegm, cough, Qingxin, fire, detoxification, folk more living Ching six hollow organs of the hot, Zi Yin "five FU cooked that fall lit should eat it. Warm sweet pumpkin, "Compendium of Materia Medica" says "Buzhong Yiqi", and pumpkin is rich in citrulline and arginine, and various vitamins, pectin, cellulose, "hypoglycemic Jiapin" reputation, the most easy to eat in diabetic patients. Tremella is known as "the king of bacteria, with moist but not greasy hysteresis characteristics, can the needle body empty, long illness of people. In addition, carrot, black sesame, yam, wolfberry, lotus root can be porridge, its effect is different. Sweet potato sweet potato congee rice porridge selection two, rice amount. Wash rice, boiled water into the pot, add boiled cooked sweet potato block. Ganping sexual flavour of sweet potato, with blood, and effect of Buzhong Yiqi, wide stomach of the. With rice Aozhou spleen and stomach, Qi Tongru, can Runfei laxative effect. Autumn eat this porridge, can reduce blood cholesterol, reduce subcutaneous fat, prolong life. Barley red bean porridge without a certain proportion, as a handful, washed into the pot and add water boiled into. Will not be sticky stiff, barley and red beans boiled rotten sink to the bottom, light red soup floating on it, most effective ingredients in the soup. Wet evil is the fundamental cause of chronic, intractable disease of all modern, barley red bean soup Shizhi SHIXIE best medicine. Barley can cure rheumatism, light Qi stomach. Red beans, also known as the "red bean", and!相关的主题文章: