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Haze burst table without warning, is in the "haze" for reckless Zhong Ming commentary authors Ministry of environmental protection before the pain, severe and serious pollution in Daqing city for 37 hours, including AQI (air pollution index) reached 500 for 24 hours, should start the red warning, but the city only predicted a day heavy pollution, the actual start orange signal warning. The Ministry also informed the serious pollution of Harbin lasted 26 hours, AQI reached 500 last for 14 hours, but only to start the blue warning; Inner Mongolia city of Tongliao nearly 2 days AQI index continued to reach 500, but in the local autonomous region environmental protection agency and the Ministry of environmental protection supervision, to start the blue warning. This is the heavy haze emergency response to assembly, when a local haze disaster struck, must start the emergency plan level as soon as possible. The so-called change over time, and with it, the emergency measures of disaster weather started, "disaster prevention" is the meaning of — even though it is difficult to eradicate the pollution process, but it can also be the peak low pollution, public health policy considerations in the right at the top of the necessary security measures. But now, in Daqing, haze lock city so serious, people did not like the warning, but to the Ministry of environmental protection on the lack of early warning bulletin, really speechless. It is worth noting that Daqing is the large area of heavy pollution "birthplace" of the Ministry of environmental protection on this round of heavy pollution causes the meeting pointed out that the pollution process in large range of northeast and East China region, combustion emissions began in November 3rd to 4, the area of Heilongjiang Province, Harbin Suihua and Daqing winter heating coal and biomass. Ordinarily these places must be targeted to strengthen pollution control, even the early warning of hindsight, its pollution control ability and determination is questionable. There is no doubt that one day haze is not "fruit", drive haze also need a long time for the power, not only temporary emergency. Emergency response is ultimately to cure haze "emergency", which should be permanently out of haze disaster problems, still need to control pollution emissions from the permanent level of relentless efforts. But the breath of war, both rely on the usual prevention and control of basic skills, but also to avoid dropping the chain at the emergency level. We must place in peacetime and haze when two conditions are all ready, after all, the daily governance haze effect, a long time to see; emergency haze days, relates to the air in the short term can rapidly improved, more direct and explicit relationship between people breathing. In some places the haze burst table but not warning or low level warning "problem, it is no doubt that people see another" haze ": the implementation of the policy and regulations of executive level negative response to the awareness of the haze. To the public, which can disperse the haze as soon as possible, also a haze of governance confidence. Some departments are not the key moment taut strings, daily governance and "heart" where? In December last year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection Minister Chen Jining made it clear that the emergency plan is not timely to start, to deal with poor work units and individuals, to be held accountable. Look forward to the results of the inspectors, is the first time for the lack of accountability for the early warning of the ambush pen. Look more accountable to the lack of warning refers to situations involving refinement, the evolution of system design: according to the normalization of the plans to start slowly, with the degree of pollution warning level, warning the sewage does not match the specific measures not implemented]相关的主题文章: