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There are a number of communication options available to business enterprises for communicate within the organisation and outside. With each company, large number of people (employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers etc.) are associated, who need to be informed about several things related to the business, on a daily basis. For effective, quick and reliable communication, these companies use different channels, such as telephone, television, video conferencing, face to face communication and e-mail. Short message service is one of the latest tools of communication that is quick, cheap, far-reaching and much more effective than other modes of communication. The mere enormity of the business networks and associates of any company makes bulk SMS communication a wise decision on part of the management. Whether you want to share policy changes with your employees, minutes of a meeting with your team-mates, announce a special business opportunity to your associates or simply market your latest product/service to your customer base, bulk SMS packages are extremely helpful. However, when it comes to sending text messages in bulk, PC SMS service can prove to be extremely helpful. Typing a text message again and again and including hundreds of thousands of numbers on your mobile would be a big task, or may impossible in some cases. This is why, with the help of the SMS software, you can send mass SMS from your PC. The factors that make PC SMS suitable for communication and marketing on a large scale are- * Ability to send longer messages * Multimedia support * Easy to use (thanks to the SMS software) * Very cost-effective * World-wide reach * Delivery tracking * 24×7 sending and receiving messages These are just few of the features of PC SMS for business use. There are a number of industries and business that have benefitted largely with the help of bulk SMS communication for promotional and marketing purposes, including education industry, real estate, advertising/event management, automobile, stock brokers, banking, insurance, FMCG, courier/logistics, airlines, ecommerce sites and more. All these industries have witnessed a significant reduction in the communication and marketing expenses since they integrated PC SMS service as an important channel of reaching out to large number of people within minutes. If you havent considered buying a bulk SMS/PC SMS package yet, you should know that you are spending your precious money and time on something that can done easily at a fraction of cost with the help of PC SMS and an SMS software. You can use this service to- * Send alerts * Inform about an upcoming event * Issue warning announcements * Remind for upcoming interviews, bill payments etc. * Announce a special offer for your customers * Offer information about your latest product line * Schedule a meeting or share minutes of a meeting Setting up a bulk SMS campaign is very easy and you dont require a special training to use this service. Moreover, this service also allows you to easily manage the contact list, group the numbers in different categories, and manage the incoming and outgoing messages effectively from your desktop. 相关的主题文章: