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"Good voice" first exposure Chinese notice Mcconaughey led dubbing group Sohu entertainment hero Bole month by Matthew Mcconaughey dubbing adorable animal burst table values on the stage and the release of [Click to enter the HD Photo] premiere at the Toronto Film Festival Sohu entertainment news by universal pictures and entertainment together to build the new lighting the animated film "happy voice" on the front, won praise. Today the film exposure for the first time the official version of Chinese notice, main characters and plot clues, warm comedy style is also very bright.     "good voice" created by the critically acclaimed series "" despicable me behind the team effort. And this year, another popular animated film "crazy animal city", the film is also the protagonist of the animal as a new original animation. The hero is a bole koala, he runs his father left the theatre. Although the financial situation is bad, but this serious optimist hopes in a singing competition to reappear the former glory. The game has attracted many ordinary people who have dreams, they all have their own life problems, but it is their courage and determination. And the singing competition is the turning point in their life. The song in the film is a big bright spot. "Bad Romance", "Call Me Maybe", "Firework", "Stay with Me" and so on more than 65 popular songs will make the audience feast. The film’s voice cast more luxury: Oscar award winner Matthew Mcconaughey as the protagonist April dubbing sexy goddess Scarlett – Bole; Johnson’s role is a love to sing rock rebellious teenage porcupine; Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon dubbing role is a great mother, take care of 25 children because of the "trump card"; agent bursts of "balls" – Talonguard is a deductive Egerton family want to get rid of the cause of the gorilla gang. In addition to Seth – Macfarlane, John -C- and Riley Grammy Award nominated singer Joe Kelly and many other star will be for the film soundtrack. The exposure of the trailer, the main role of full debut, they sing the picture full of creativity. The gorilla Jonny before the second still stood in the corner of the street singing "The Way I feel Inside", the next second will have to jump in the car with his father and the gang from the police chase; a gold leotard pig Mr. on the stage is flexible, LadyGaga’s "Bad Romance" interpretation of stunning Quartet; three wearing a purple skirt bra rabbit on the stage youmoyouyang wiggle, dancing is sexy; and AI Xize incarnation of blood porcupine rock girl, hey turn the audience. The Wrap website described the film "to start with joy, in the later stage can arouse the audience’s emotions resonate." Variety show, happy good voice to prove why lighting entertainment and founder Chris – Meledandri is currently the hottest name in the animation industry. At the same time, the film is well-known in the foreign film website rotten tomatoes freshness of up to 88%. .相关的主题文章: