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A lot of Hangzhou female doctor heart is always beating for 2 months, the woman fainted 5 times "trouble", menopause is one of them. What does menopause mean? Insomnia? Grumpy? Depressed, paranoid? Menstrual disorders? What’s really serious is that it can cause heart problems. How does menopause relate to the heart? Let’s look at a doctor’s personal experience and ask the experts to talk about it. 2 months collapsed 5 times, all kinds of examination can not find the reason, Yang Ping is Zhejiang University medical school affiliated obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital anesthesia department doctor, 43 years old. Yang Ping once had myocarditis because of a cold. As a doctor, she had a high attention to her heart. She had a fast acting Kyushin Pills on his body. He felt a little uncomfortable and took a medicine immediately. Since last year, she found her chest tightness, palpitations more and more, "is it caused by myocarditis before?"" She went to the Department of Cardiology and put up the number, but she took blood pressure and made an electrocardiogram, and everything was normal, but the persistent pain didn’t decrease, which made Yang Ping feel uneasy and could only relieve the symptoms by taking painkillers. One day in March this year, Yang Ping suddenly felt the heart jump fast, "flustered, can not stand up."." The family is only preparing for the test of the daughter, the husband on business, "the brain in a hurry to think, have to make her daughter hit 120, open the door of the house, I fell down, the daughter of a person must be scared."." Yang Ping was lying on the sofa, with the heart of tapping beat and eat available Kyushin Pills make blind and disorderly conjectures, she finally got over, the forehead is sweaty, she feels like hell to walk in a circle. She went to the Department of Cardiology to check again, and strangely enough, everything was normal. From March to May, Yang Ping fainted 5 times. When the shift unit, a house full of people, a hot flashes from the body to the head was yong, ear buzzing sound tinnitus, it seems always to fall as. "Think of your colleagues as cardiac resuscitation specialists, and even if you fainted at this point, you should be saved." So Yang Ping slowly enlightened himself, as the mood gradually relaxed, the symptoms also slightly eased a bit. The uneasy feeling has not been eliminated at all. "The examination is normal. Why is my heart so uncomfortable?"" Yang Ping said that in those months, she did not dare to sleep, lying in bed every night to hold her husband’s hand, "afraid of a sleep in the past, second days will not wake up."." Department of Cardiology, 10 patients with angina pectoris have 1 in menopause until one day, in the hospital and met the director of the three, the Zhejiang University women’s health care Charity Foundation vice director Zhou Jianhong, "why don’t you tell me earlier." Zhou Jianhong said, "that’s what menopause is about." Generally speaking, most people enter menopause in 45 years later, Yang Ping from the age difference of two, the menstrual cycle is normal, so she never considering it, "everyone menopause time is not the same, a few days ago I received a 26 year old female patient had premature ovarian failure." Zhou Jianhong told the evening news reporter, Zhejiang has 5 million women in menopausal state, among them, 15% of high blood pressure, such as Yang Ping pseudo angina, accounting for.

杭州女医生心脏总是咚咚跳 2个月晕倒5次女人的“麻烦事”挺多,更年期就是其中之一。更年期意味着什么?失眠?脾气暴躁?抑郁多疑?月经紊乱?其实最严重的是,它会造成心脏问题。更年期是怎么和心脏扯上关系的?我们来看看一位医生的亲身经历,请专家说一说这个问题。2个月里昏倒5次各种检查找不出原因杨萍是浙江大学医学院附属妇产科医院的麻醉科医生,今年43岁。杨萍曾经因为感冒得过心肌炎,作为一名医生,她对自己的心脏关注度一直很高,身上常备速效救心丸,有一点点不舒服,就马上吃一颗药。从去年开始,她发现自己胸闷、心悸的情况越来越多了,“难道是之前的心肌炎造成问题了?”她到心内科挂了号,可是量了血压、做了心电图,一切正常,但持续性的疼痛并没有减少, 这让杨萍感到不安,只能靠吃止疼药缓解症状。今年3月的一天,杨萍突然感觉心脏快速地跳个不停,“心慌,根本站不起来。”家里只有正在准备中考的女儿,老公出差在外,“脑子里在飞快地想,得赶紧让女儿打120,把家里的门都打开,我一倒下去,女儿一个人肯定要吓坏的。”杨萍就这样躺在沙发上,伴随着心脏“咚咚咚”的跳动以及胡思乱想,吃下速效救心丸的她终于缓过来了,一摸额头,都是汗,她感觉像鬼门关走了一圈。她又到心内科做检查,奇怪的是,仍然一切正常。从3月到5月,杨萍晕厥了5次。在单位交班的时候,一屋子都是人,一股潮热明显从身体往头上涌,耳朵里是嗡嗡嗡的耳鸣声,好像随时都要昏倒一样。“想想同事都是心脏复苏专家,就算在这时候昏倒,也应该能被救回来吧。”杨萍就这样慢慢开导自己,随着情绪渐渐放松,症状也稍微缓和了一点。可不安的感觉一点都没有消除,“检查都正常,为什么我心脏这么难受?”杨萍说,那几个月里,她都不敢睡觉,每天晚上躺在床上都要握着丈夫的手,“很怕一睡过去,第二天就醒不过来了。”心内科10个心绞痛病人就有1个在更年期直到有一天,在医院遇到了妇三科主任、浙江大学关爱女性健康公益基金会副主任周坚红,“你怎么不早点和我说啊。”周坚红说,“你这就是更年期造成的。”一般来说,大多数人在45周岁以后进入更年期,杨萍离这个年龄还差两岁,月经周期也正常,所以她从来都没往这方面考虑过,“每个人更年期时间不一样,我前几天接诊过一位26岁的女病人,已经卵巢早衰了。”周坚红告诉钱江晚报记者,浙江有500万女性处于更年期状态,她们当中,有高血压的占了15%,像杨萍这样假性心绞痛的,占29%。“在心内科,10个心绞痛病人里面,就有1个是更年期的原因。”周坚红说。更年期到底是怎么对心脏造成负担的?周坚红告诉钱江晚报记者,绝经是女性心血管疾病的高危因素,许多更年期女性都会出现血压不稳定、心悸或心前区不适、心律不齐、假性心绞痛等症状。“更年期会造成激素水平的变化,每个人的器官对于激素变化的反应很微妙,像杨萍的心脏就对激素变化特别敏感。”周坚红说,激素造成了心脏功能上的变化,而心电图只反映心脏器质性病变,对于杨萍来说,还没有严重到这个程度。不过危险性同样很高,“如果心脏持续缺血,结果同样是会致命的。”要怎么治好杨萍的“心脏病”?周坚红为她开了激素的贴剂,剂量很小,每天只需要贴在腰下部位半片大小,“许多研究表明,雌激素具有保护心血管的作用,绝经后激素治疗对心血管疾病有预防作用。”效果很明显,才一个星期的工夫,杨萍就恢复到以前的正常状态了。在周坚红看来,中年女性最需要了解的是,当出现血压波动、心悸、胸闷、胸痛、心前区不适等症状,又在心内科查不出毛病,应该到妇科内分泌专科看看,而对于激素治疗,千万别抱敌视的态度。相关的主题文章: