Handling of 4 cultural relics and Cultural Relics Bureau removed the case with Liu home demolitions reshacker

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Handling of 4 cultural relics and Cultural Relics Bureau removed the case with former residence was Liu Beijing on August 30th News – News China demolitions of Sohu, the State Administration of cultural heritage day in Beijing informed the first 4 cases of illegal legal supervision. These 4 cases are the immovable cultural relics were damaged and the body removed, our national cultural relics bureau director Liu Mingwei with "cultural relic inspector serious loss, shocking consequences" to describe. Hubei province Hong’an Qiliping revolutionary site "was published in 1988 third batch of national key cultural relics protection units. In June this year, the local continuous rainfall led to the site of the "communist cooperation negotiations site" ontology building damaged part of the roof collapsed, Qiliping town government has organized the construction site all units will be removed, leaving only part of building components, on the site of the site of new illegal "seven Li Ping Zhen convenient service center". "Huge losses, is a serious case of illegal corporate government, suspected of violating the criminal law, the nature of bad." Liu Mingwei said, the State Cultural Relics Bureau has sent a letter to the Hubei Provincial People’s government, recommended by the Huanggang municipal government organized the investigation and handling, to seriously pursue the relevant personnel administrative and criminal liability, and puts forward the program of work on cultural relics damaged the aftermath, and the results to the public. The remaining 3 cases are the houses of the provincial cultural relics protection units in Shangcheng County of Henan province was the whole street demolition damaged, Guizhou County of Dushan province at the county level cultural relics protection units "dragon family houses have been forcibly demolished and the city of Harbin Shuangcheng District Liu lives 7 unmovable cultural relics are arbitrarily dismantled. Liu Mingwei said, according to the requirements of "clear guidance" of the State Council on Further Strengthening the work of cultural relics of the cultural relics protection, establish lifelong responsibility accountability system, responsible for leading cadres, regardless of whether it has been promoted or transferred, retired, must be seriously accountable. The 4 legal cases, serious losses of cultural relics, shocking consequences, suspected of criminal cases, people difficult to accept, the State Bureau of cultural relics have been sent a letter to the provincial people’s government put forward proposals or inspectors, instructed the provincial cultural relics administrative department to report to the provincial government, and by the higher people’s government level, are currently in the investigation process. It is reported that in the year 2015 the State Cultural Relics Bureau directly supervising the case, legal cases accounted for 78%. To this end, the day before the Bureau launched a period of 3 years of special rectification action, starting from August this year to December 2018, deployed to carry out special rectification action legal violations of cultural relics in the China range (2016 – 2018), to prevent the legal violations severely punished, thorough investigation of cultural relics.相关的主题文章: